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Shadow Warrior 2 Out Tomorrow On PlayStation 4

Shadow Warrior 2 Out Tomorrow On PS4
  • On May 18, 2017

The wait is almost over! Shadow Warrior 2 from Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital will be releasing for PlayStation 4 tomorrow and we have new screens and info for you! Are you ready for some ninja action?


Shadow Warrior 2 - 1

Tadek Zielinski, Community Manager for Flying Wild Hog, had this to say:

The team took great care in putting together a weapons selection configuration that took advantage of the DualShock 4’s features to keep the player in control and have all weapons at their disposal easily. The dual thumbsticks, touch pad, and directional pad can all be used in different ways to equip, charge, and execute attacks so that players really get that ninja feel while traversing the levels.

We’re proud of our results and think the PlayStation community will appreciate this attention to detail that is so crucial when playing a white knuckle FPS like Shadow Warrior 2.

The other important feature that our team (and our fans) wanted to nail was online cooperative play. Shadow Warrior 2 has a pretty slick non-linear campaign that allows players to accomplish some key missions in a specific order while veering off into side missions to collect new weapons and items while leveling up their persistent character. While it’s no doubt fun to go at it solo, Shadow Warrior 2 really shines when you have three friends tackling missions together and working as a team to take down some of the larger boss enemies together.

Shadow Warrior 2 - 2

We’re working on a review for Shadow Warrior 2, so be sure to stick around at!