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[Review Revisited] Shutshimi -

[Review Revisited] Shutshimi

10-second rounds of bullet hell as you try to figure out what is wrong with you… that’s if you can remember the prior 10-seconds. This is the life of a commando goldfish. Check out this week’s review revisited for Shutshimi!

Shütshimi Announcement Trailer | PS4, PS Vita

Shutshimi is a unique shoot ’em up that was released for PS4 and Vita a few years ago. It is still on my hard drive as I dive back into the game on a regular basis. The game has you playing as a goldfish that has to go through rounds of enemies in 10-second rounds. At the end of the 10-seconds, you pick a random power up/down and start the next round.

It’s really simple and easy to pick up and play when you have a small amount of time available. It’s short, fun and insanely replayable.

If you have a chance give this a try on either the PS4 or the Vita, do not hesitate!

Check out the original review right here.


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