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[PS4] Mother Russia Bleeds Review -

[PS4] Mother Russia Bleeds Review
  • On May 23, 2017

Mother Russia Bleeds is an old-school style beat ’em up with some of the 21st-century refinements you expect from a new release. You wake up with no recollection of what has happened, except for the fact you were given a shot of a weird concoction called Berserk that is making you feel a bit… odd. Want to learn more? Then come read our Mother Russia Bleeds review!


Before we go any further, let’s talk about the controls for the game. You can throw a regular punch with the Square button, or you can hold the button down for a loaded punch. Triangle is for your strong punch. You can grab and throw enemies with the Circle button – very handy for when you’re being surrounded and need to clear the area fast. If you want to get away, you can press the X button to jump as you try to escape the madness for a second or two. The R1 trigger is your dash button, and you can combine it with the Square button for a dash punch, with the Triangle button for a sliding tackle, with the Circle button for a tackle or with the X button for a dash jump. If an enemy is on the ground, quickly get on top of it and press the Square button to start punching. Oh, and holding down the Square button over an enemy on the floor will allow you yo crush its head.

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And now, it’s time to talk about the main gameplay mechanic: the syringe! When you’re over an enemy that is convulsing, you can press the L1 button to fill your syringe a bit – the same button will allow you to heal another player when close. The fun part begins when you have a charge on your syringe. Pressing the L2 button will allow you to recover a bit of your health so that you can keep going strong. The R2 button is the one that activates a dose of Berserk, a very powerful drug with a variety of effects depending on the type of Berserk you use. You will only have access to one type at the start of the game, but the more you play the more types you can unlock.

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You will dash, jump, grab, punch and Berserk your way out of the experiment lab/prison you find yourself in at the start of the game as pretty much everyone around you is ready to crack your skull for no other reason than “because they can.” You will need to make good use of the available combos. Three are activated by throwing two punches with the Square button before using the Triangle button (stun), or the Triangle button and pressing forward on the D-pad (ejection) or up (take-off). You can also use an air strike of sorts by pressing the Circle and X buttons at the same time.

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The game has a varied list of trophies, with objectives that range from finishing the game in each of its available difficulties to, say, not attacking a single pig during one of the game’s levels. Pigs are dangerous, so if you’re a trophy hunter you should stay away from them! There’s also trophies for unleashing mad long combos, completing a level without using a weapon or for being gnawed by five rats at the same time. Variety is the spice of life, right? The best news is that the game also includes a Platinum trophy for those of you who manage to unlock every single trophy along the way.

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Overall, Mother Russia Bleeds is a fun single player/multiplayer beat ’em up on PlayStation 4. It’s a bit on the gruesome and bloody side of the genre, but it’s a fun ride while it lasts. Being able to take on the game on your own or with up to three other players makes it a great option on Sony’s console, so if you’ve been looking for a beat ’em up with a good balance between the old and the new, you should give this one a try.

This Mother Russia Bleeds review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Devolver Digital.


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