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[PS4] Tumbleseed Review -

[PS4] Tumbleseed Review

Tumbleseed is a great experience in which you must guide a hero seed to the top of a mountain. You’re probably thinking you’ve played something like this, but trust me, this is a very unique release! Read our Tumbleseed review to learn more about this fun game!


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As soon as you begin, you are tasked with rolling up a mountain to prevent a disaster from happening. Climbing the mountain could have been easy but you are a seed, and the only thing that helps you is a vine that you can control by tilting left or right using the analog sticks. As the vine tilts, the hero/seed will move towards the lower side of the opposite end thanks to the physics engine reproducing gravity. At first, it felt like playing a very colorful version of Marble Madness as you must evade the different hazards and enemies on your path.

There is certainly a learning curve in the game since you will need to learn how fast the seed will roll from one side to the other depending on how far you tilt each side. Sometimes you’ll need to raise the vine while it’s almost perfectly flat in order to avoid being damaged in areas packed with pits, or to quickly make it to the next spot in which you can plant one of your powers.

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There are different power available as you progress through the levels and using them efficiently will be vital to your journey. For example, one of them generates crystals (which is the in-game currency), while another one creates checkpoints – these are only a couple of examples of the 30 different power-ups you can find! Some powers you’ll find in special chambers, while others you’ll be able to purchase with crystals at the stores between areas. There are five different zones to explore as you make your way to the top, not to mention sidequests to complete to keep things interesting!

A very important seed power is actually the one you start with since it will allow you to plant checkpoints in case you fall into a hole. If you’re not careful and happen to accidentally dive into a pit, you’ll move back to the last checkpoint you created. You should make a habit of creating a checkpoint every now and then since the farthest the checkpoint, the more damage you will receive as you hit the subterranean walls that connect pits and checkpoints.

If you play long enough and become a master, you’ll be ready to tackle the 15 minutes challenge which asks you to finish the game, well, in less than 15 minutes for a trophy! This game being a procedurally generated roguelike, don’t expect to play the same level again and again as the layout will change each time you play. You can still learn how to play efficiently in order to clear it quickly, but you won’t be able to memorize any sections since they change every time you perish.

There are nine trophies in total with the game: two Gold, two Silver and five Bronze. Most of them are obtained by completing each area in the game as well as the whole game itself, but along with the aforementioned 15 minute trophy there are is another one that will require you to play for a while. Why? Because it asks that you plant every single seed type at least once!

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Final Thoughts
Tumbleseed is a unique release based on a great idea and is very fun to play. The visuals and the gameplay are very polished, and the procedurally generated levels will keep you playing for many hours. I recommend this one to gamers looking for a unique experience on PlayStation 4 since Tumbleseed certainly delivers!



Cost: $14.99

PSN Game Size: 720MB

This Tumbleseed review is based on a PS4 copy provided by aeiowu.

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