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[PS4] Yesterday Origins Review -

[PS4] Yesterday Origins Review
  • On May 30, 2017

Yesterday Origins from Spanish developer Pendulo Studios and Microïds is an adventure game of the old-school point and click mold. You probably know Pendulo Studios from its Runaway series, and they are now back with a new release where players will go on an adventure with John Yesterday. Read our Yesterday Origins review to learn more!

The game begins with a look at a young John Yesterday who has been imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition after being accused of sorcery. Since players definitely don’t want John to rot in his cell (or worse), it is up to us to find a way for John to escape from this predicament. The game will slowly teach you the main gameplay mechanics you will use for your journey, such as walking around an area to interact with objects, images, and more, as you slowly find the solution to the puzzle(s) at hand. The basics are that you should explore every area, interact with everything, and then interact with objects once more after they are added to your inventory.

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You are helped out of your cell by a mysterious group who gives John the tools necessary to plan his escape, but this comes at a very high cost. John is forced to undergo an alchemic ritual that basically grants him immortality. When he dies, he will come back from the dead renewed at the same age he was when he first died, with no memory of his past. Luckily, John won’t be alone in this as he’ll be joined by Pauline Petit who seems to suffer from the same curse. They set out on a quest to find a peculiar artifact that is said to fix things. How? By making it so that the ritual is completed properly and John doesn’t lose his memories when he dies.

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By the time you play the game’s first proper chapter, you’ll see how 500 years later the pair has taken things to the extreme – or at least Pauline has. For example, she looks in the mirror and sees some wrinkles, so she decides to take her hairdryer, hairspray and wrinkle cream from the bathroom to put them to good use. The hairdryer has a gun inside of it, the wrinkle cream has a bullet inside… and the hairspray has a silencer. I think you can see where this is going. Hey, it beats Botox or surgery, right?

It’s hard to review an adventure game without spoiling its story, character development, and plot twists, so I won’t talk about the story or puzzles anymore. What I will say is that the game was fun from start to finish and that the flow of the story was great. You definitely end up caring about John, Pauline and the rest of the characters, be that good, bad or just plain evil.

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The game features a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy at the end, and only two missable trophies! One asks that you complete the game in under four hours and the other requires you to finish the game without skipping a single cutscene. You could probably speed through the game in less than four hours, but this would require you to skip cutscenes thus voiding the other trophy. Your first run will probably be 10-12 hours long depending on how good you are at adventure games. You’ll do it again, skip cutscenes and trim the run to less than 4 hours. Before you do this, do some cleanup by using the “not chapter select chapter select in the game.” Once you finish it, you can select load and then pick specific scenes you’ve played to get trophies you need before restarting.

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Yesterday Origins is a clever adventure game with a nice mix of the old-school of point and click releases and some of the advancements in the genre for the 21st century. It’s a lengthy release with plenty to do and lots of information to process, as should be the case for any adventure release. The game’s art style will grow on you as it is a nice mix between cartoony and realistic with a lot of polish to detail. If you want a good PS4 adventure game to play, then Yesterday Origins from Pendulo Studios and Microïds could be just what you needed.

This Yesterday Origins review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Microïds.


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