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[PlayStation 4] RiME Review

[PS4] RiME Review

RiME started a very long time ago as what was back then said to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Many (many) moons later, the game is out on PS4 and elsewhere, finally ending the wait. But was it worth it? Read our RiME review to find out!


Your adventure begins with a small boy washing up on a beach of an island. The young ‘un soon gets up, a bit perplexed and clumsy, and starts navigating his way around the beach and is soon climbing cliffs and jumping gaping ravines. RiME’s a release that throws the player into things with no real explanation as to what you’re expected to do, and it works really quite well as you start to find your proverbial feet in the game.

RiME Review - 12

It’s clear from the very start that RiME’s a good looking title, boasting vibrant and color-rich visuals and some rather lovely animation. The game’s narration is done totally without any real dialogue and is helped along by a beautiful audio track.

The game’s full of puzzles and our hero interacts with the world by either shouting at things, dragging objects and viewing scenes and aligning shapes in a certain way. It’s an incredibly simplistic approach to the interactivity in the world, and it works rather wonderfully – so activating switches, shattering things and rotating spinning things? Just use your voice.

RiME Review - 7

There’s a lot of exploring to do, and this is kind of where the game falls a bit…flat. The boy walks far too slowly, with running kicking in after what seems like a random distance and it feels like a chore getting from one area to another – and, please, don’t get me started on the kid’s climbing speed. There’s also an automatic drop down as well as a ledge grab when you get near edges of pathways or cliffs, and in one particular area (I won’t say which), this because incredibly frustrating.

RiME Review - 10

For all of its faults, RiME is indeed a nice game. One that, if the hype were to be believed, would’ve been a stunning masterpiece. The problem is, it’s full of some really awestriking moments, some absolutely stunning graphics and some of the best game audio I’ve heard in a while, and while the game delivers a lovely story, I can’t help but feel that there’s nothing really original about the game or the experience gleaned.

The mystery of RiME’s story is enough to keep you coming back, but is such a short and unoriginal title really worth the price it’s asking? The real problems are things that really should’ve been taken care of before shipping – things such as clumsy camera angles, the child’s walk to run distances reeled in and the sheer speed of the kid scaling cliffs. These things can be fixed with a patch, and I really hope that Tequila Works do release an update that iron out these niggles.

RiME Review - 09

RiME’s very enjoyable, but a soon forgotten game – something with superb eye candy, but one that delivers short of gameplay and originality.

This RiME review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Grey Box.


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Pretty but shallow experience