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[PS4] LEGO Dimensions Review

[PS4] LEGO Dimensions Review

LEGO Dimensions belongs to the Toys-to-Life genre of releases like Skylanders and Disney Infinity (RIP) and plays like the many LEGO games we’ve been getting all these years. If you like LEGO games and want to try something that mixes properties from a ton of franchise, then read our LEGO Dimensions review to find out why this is a must have release!


Lord Vortech is seeking the foundational elements (the cornerstones of time and space) in an attempt to merge the different universes and bring them under his control. The dimensional rifts are causing multiple realities that collide into each other, characters and items are appearing from other worlds, and thus it is up to Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf to put a stop to Lord Vortech’s evil plan and restore both the time and space. Sounds like a tall order! Do you think you can achieve it?

Upon starting the game, I was asked to put down the controller and start building the portal out of LEGO, which was quite unusual and amusing as I had already built the portal and the characters. The actual builds took a little over an hour, and it was a very fun thing to do – I was taken back to my childhood when my brother and I used to make stuff out of LEGO!

The first few levels revolve around finding and obtaining the five missing keystones which are scattered around the area. The Shift keystone unlocks the color coded dimension rifts. For instance, the Chroma keystone opens portals which change the colors of your characters to red, blue or yellow. The Elemental keystone grants you elemental powers. The Scale keystone grants you the ability to change the size of your characters to very small or a giant. Finally, my favorite of all was the Locate keystone which allows you to locate and pull in items from other dimensions. Those are the five keystones of the cornerstone of time and space. Lord Vortech wants them badly, so don’t let him catch them!

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The different levels are packed full of fun with lots of variety, and the environment changes depending on the level you are playing. The base game has 14 levels which feature themes like Scooby-Doo, The Wizard of Oz, Portal, Dr. Who, Legends of Chima and more. Each level is a mind-bending 20 to 30 minutes long, and fun from start to finish. The Platinum trophy run took me roughly 28 hours to achieve, but if you want to 100% everything, which is not required for the Platinum trophy, you are looking at around 40-50 hours total as there are a TON of collectibles to find.

The Free Play mode that we have all come to know and love from all previous LEGO games is gone, so there is only Story Mode. The Adventure Dimension hubs are kind of the replacement for the free roaming, and you can do anything you want as long as you have the character for those specific hubs. With the many expansions available plus the starter pack, you’l have acess to a ton of hubs for dozens of extra hours of fun!


I should also point out that I played the previous three Skylanders games, so in comparison, I thought that LEGO Dimensions was done right considering how the Toy-to-Life releases handle things. The initial starter pack price is through the roof, and I can see why as the buildable stuff ain’t cheap to make. But you can pretty much access everything within the starter pack except the adventure dimension hubs which require paid add-ons to unlock.

For example, you can spend 50,000 studs to hire a hero for 30 seconds which is more than enough to access the different hacking terminals, melt gold, silver and so on, so it is a lot less restrictive then Skylanders which requires to buy a physical character of each element in order to unlock the different portals.

The portal is an amazing piece of kit: it is rectangular and plugs into one of the USB port of your PS4 and lights up when activated. When you are in the middle of a puzzle the lights change, which was fun to watch. Unlike Skylanders, the portal can carry an impressive seven figures at the same time, which does save time when swapping the characters you need.

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As with any LEGO game, there are some bugs and glitches. Some bugs are pretty cool while others were quite annoying. Since I have had the game, Warner has been steadily updating it with fixes, server support, and expansion level support and they will definitely continue to fix and improve things to meet the demand, especially with all the extra stuff they’re releasing.


Final Thoughts

LEGO Dimensions is a fantastic game and has become my favorite LEGO game so far. I loved the graphical changes from standard style LEGO levels to cell-shaded cartoony levels. The levels are well done, and the puzzles are interesting. The characters are fantastic, and the voice acting is also brilliant as the game is full of humor and jokes.

I’m planning on doing reviews for the game’s level expansions, so watch out for those soon!


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