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[PlayStation 4] Tango Fiesta Review

[PS4] Tango Fiesta Review

Tango Fiesta is a top-down twin-stick arcade shooter you can play solo or with another three buddies. The action never stops and the body count is always on the rise. Read our Tango Fiesta review to learn more about this action-packed PS4 release!


Tango Fiesta is a love letter to all the macho movies of the 1980’s such as Commando, Robocop, Rambo and The Terminator, to name a few. Upon booting Story mode for the first time, an older version of John Strong explained that back in the day he used to take down terrorists, aliens in space and even fought entities from other dimensions. Unfortunately, nobody believes a single word he says. John tells his story in a flashback to when he was a young and buffer guy, and it is then that things get going good.

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You have a nice selection of characters you can play as, such as Conchita McMillian, Bionic Cop (who looks eerily like Robocop), as well as John Strong himself. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses as well as several weapons to use, so you should try them to see which one fits your playing style. You can later unlock specific weapons for each character as you play to spice things up.


Your mission is to stop Gordon and save the world. Each mission is quite short, with the action dialed up to 11 from start to finish. Since Tango Fiesta revolves around action heroes of the 1980’s the game certainly looks the part. Remember all the top-down 2D shooter games we used to play back in the dau? The game’s art-style certainly pays homage to the classics with something that could have certainly fit in nicely with aracde releases from 30 years ago.

Along with the option for some local multiplayer mayhem, Tango Fiesta offers up a Story Mode and an Arcade Mode. I suggest you play a lot of Story Mode first so that you can unlock more weapons for Arcade Mode so that you can enjoy it more. Story Mode, as the name suggests, has a story in place, while Arcade Mode is all action, all the time. Tango Fiesta features some light roguelike elements which increase the challenge of the game slightly, but they never get in the way of your entertainment.

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Each map has four levels to complete., The first three give you and objective you must take on, such as destroying a building or a helicopter, and some levels have more than one objective. There’s plenty of enemies to take on, and you should be on the lookout for enemies with a blue icon above their heads since they’re the ones carrying loot such as like medkits and money. There’s a grindy trophy for killing 120,584 enemies, so you can imagine how long you’ll need to play this game to even get close to that number! Don’t forget to visit the gunshop frequently so that you can use the money you earn from looting bodies to purchase weapons. They’re expensive but definitely worth it!

The game offers a full trophy count including a Platinum trophy and the list also includes a whopping EIGHT gold trophies, which certainly makes us trophy hunters very happy! It’s rare to see a game with those many golds, so that’s a considerable jump in your overall level once you get those out of the way.

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Tango Fiesta is a fun action-packed release on PS4 that is very fun in single player, and even more fun with some buddies in local co-op. The game gets crazy hectic and challeging with a full group, but that’s a big part of its charm, right? If you’re up for the challenge, then you should get this tribute to the 1980’s action movies today!

This Tango Fiesta review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Merge Games.


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Solid single player and multiplayer arcade action