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[PlayStation 4] Randall Review

[PS4] Randall Review

Randall is a brawler/platformer with some puzzle and Metroidvania elements. The game is set in a world called Nook, and you play as main protagonist Randall, a telepath who woke up in Nook without any knowledge of how he got there. Randall is eventually recruited by the local resistance who are trying to overthrow the totalitarian dictatorship regime by the mining corporation. Want to learn more? Then read our Randall review!


The gameplay controls really are quite creative. The combat and the platforming are mostly two button pushes, some examples are L2 + X to dash, performing an uppercut is L2 + Square button, and so on. There are some one button presses during combat for things such as the Square button for your basic attack, but if you want to make short work of your enemies then it’s a two button job. Randall can also perform a variety of attacks like leg sweeps or launch enemies into the air for a nice combo. Letter in the game you will unlock his telepathy skills to mix things up, and you’ll even be able to do a three move combo that will regenerate some of Randall’s health if you land it properly.

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The mechanics for the combat and platforming can feel a bit cumbersome and frustrating at times. While I appreciate that We The Force Studios was trying to do something different and creative with their game, the constant two button mechanic for almost everything is just a bit too much and it doesn’t feel right. It’s kinda hard to remember the different button presses in the heat of battle. But they do get an A for effort in trying something different.

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The platforming elements are a bit hit and miss as well since as you dash and jump over obstacles you can easily end up landing on top of a hazard due to the way things as wall jumping works – one wrong move and you are dead. Luckily there is no game over and you simply restart from the last previous checkpoint… but the way the checkpoints are set means you might end up having to spend 15+ minutes replaying short tricky sections. You will get better due to all the trial and error, but it’s far from ideal.

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The graphics remind me quite a bit of Guacamelee!, but with a bit more darkness here and there in order match the game’s setting. The graphics definitely have a good polished feel to them, so that’s a plus for the game. There’s plenty to do in the game, and trophy hunters will need to find all the collectible posters in the game if they want to 100% it. Yes, that does mean this one doesn’t have a Platinum trophy – at least the list is creative and challenging!

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Overall, with some tweaks in future updates the game does have the potential to become considerably better. It feels more like a brawler with light platforming elements and some Metroidvania thrown into the mix, and I do believe that some reworking of the gameplay mechanics could improve the overall experience, especially since there are some grammar and spelling errors in the game as well. If you want to play something different on PS4, the Randall could be a good option. But I do think you should first wait and see if the team improve things with a patch or two.

Randall Review - 6

This Randall review is based on a PS4 copy provided by We The Force.


Review Overview

Brawler/platformer Metroidvania that could use some improvements.