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[PS4] Dreamfall Chapters Review

[PS4] Dreamfall Chapters Review
  • On June 19, 2017

Review Overview

Great adventure game on PS4


Dreamfall Chapters from Red Thread Games and Deep Silver is now available on PlayStation 4. This is an adventure game that was funded on Kickstarter thanks to the support of over 20,000 backers who pledged more than $1.5 million to make it happen. It was first made available as an episodic release, but now PS4 owners get to enjoy the complete story in a single package. Is it a game you have to play on Sony’s console? Read our Dreamfall Chapters review to find out!


Let’s get this going by talking about the game’s controls. You move around with the left analog stick, run with the L2 button and can interact with stuff with the X button. The Square button will allow you to look at something or to combine it with something else. The Triangle button shows the goals you’re working towards so that you don’t forget what you need to do. Circle is for skipping dialog. The right analog stick moves around the camera. Finally, you can open your inventory by pressing up on the D-Pad.

As you enter the 3D world of Dreamfall Chapters, you are thrown into a story that continues from The Longest Journey, the previous chapter in the saga. Don’t worry, you’ll get a bit of a recap here and there to catch up on what is going on. You’ll begin the game proper in Book 1: Reborn as Zoë Castillo, who is in a comma. She’s been like this for a while now, kept away from the rest of the world. Zoë knows what is going on with dream machines and how someone is stealing dreams to shape the world. While her body is in a comma, her mind is wandering in Storytime, the place between – a seamlessly endless magical realm where anything and everything can happen.
This is an adventure game played from a third person perspective, which is not how adventure games are usually presented. Everything looks great and crisp, with a nice attention to detail that pops on PS4. At times it resembles more of what you’d find in, say, an open world game. I definitely liked playing an adventure game this way, and I look forward to seeing if other studios follow this formula or the Telltale Games formula – a formula which also has its pros and cons.

Dreamfall Chapters Review - 2

As you start your journey, you’ll take control of Zoë in Storytime as she interacts with people’s dreams to “save them” from their nightmares. You’ll eventually reach a girl who is dreaming about a monster, and you’ll need to interact with her. This section functions as the game’s tutorial, showing you how when you interact you’ll have choices to make, and said choices will have an impact on the game itself. She’s scared of the dark, so you’ll need to look for her flashlight which she dropped under her bed. After adding Light to the bottom of the bed, you’ll find the flashlight (which the game calls a torch, because Storytime) and can interact with it in your inventory before equipping it.

And then the fun begins. You’ll get to interact with the tentacle monster inside of the wardrobe that is scaring the little girl, but you’ll see that if you shine the torch at it, the thing will quickly hide. But what if you could, say, slow down time for a bit? If you look away from the wardrobe just a bit, the tentacle monster will pop up. It is then that you must interact with it and select Time from your interaction wheel to slow things down so that you can quickly shine the light on him, disintegrating the monster in a blink. The first chapter is the shortest of the bunch since it sets things up for the rest of the series.

Dreamfall Chapters Review - 3

The second chapter kicks things off with a new character: Kian Alvane. You’ll be executed at dawn, so you can imagine how you’re in a bit of a rush to keep that from happening. You have been charged with high treason and were thrown in jail, sentenced to death. In a nice twist, the group of the resistance against which he once fought ends up freeing him so that he can be of use for them, now that he has seen what they’re really up against. You’ll need your wits to find a way out of prison since there is a riot going on, guards rushing towards your location, and several locked doors keeping you from freedom.

The whole game is all about interacting with objects and others, using the interaction wheel to dig deeper until you find what you need. You can observe things, use the hand icon to activate, deactivate or grab something, talk to people, or use Zoë’s special powers to slowdown time or read people’s minds. Yes, read people’s minds. Crazy, right? During conversations you’ll have several options for your answers or for where to lead the chat. This will lead to particular options for your actions, impact the overall game and shift the balance of things. I could talk more about the game’s story, but I’d be taking you deep into spoiler territory, and I really think this is a story you have to experience on your own!

Dreamfall Chapters Review - End

For trophy hunters, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Dreamfall Chapters does include a Platinum trophy! And the bad news? Due to the game’s nature and how it’s structured, you’ll need to do at least two separate runs to get all trophies. Overall, you’re looking at a massive 30+ hours to get all trophies, so be ready! There are several story related trophies, but some of them are technically missable since you can’t get them during your first run if you’re getting other story related trophies – these change depending on the choices you make in the game.

Dreamfall Chapters on PlayStation 4 certainly feels like the definitive version. It features all content right from the start, so while we did have to wait for the game to release, we got all episodes at once. It also includes reworked character models, improvements to the animation, better lighting and some added special effects to make the game pop on the PlayStation 4. If you’re a fan of adventure games, then you have to get Dreamfall Chapters for PS4 today!

This Dreamfall Chapters review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Deep Silver.