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[PS4] Seasons After Fall Review

[PS4] Seasons After Fall Review
  • On June 22, 2017

Seasons After Fall from Swing Swing Submarine and Focus Home Interactive is a new puzzle/platfomer on PlayStation 4. It’s a nice looking release with a hand-painted art style that will certainly grab your attention. Want to learn more? Then read our Seasons After Fall review!


The game’s controls are simple and to the point. You move around with the left analog stick, jump with the X button and bark with the Square button. And if you need to use the power to change seasons, you can do that with the L2 trigger. That’s all you need to remember for the game.

You start out a floating sphere, and you need to move around and collect a pair of flashing energy orbs before you can make two branches on your path move out of the way – this is done with the Square button. After that, you’ll need to play for another couple of minutes as you collect more energy orbs to convince a new pair of branches to move out of the way. You’ll continue doing this for a few more minutes until you end up finding a way to exit the underground caverns.

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Once on the surface, you will be guided by a voice that will take you closer to a fox. By using the Square button you’ll be able to lure the fox back to the sanctuary at the center of the area. Once you get it there, you’ll be able to merge with the fox so that you can visit the Guardians of the Seasons. Your first task is to visit the Guardian of Winter. By moving to the right you’ll find two paths: an upper and a lower one. The lower one leads to a dead end where a mushroom sits all by itself, not bothering anyone. You won’t be able to go through the lower path until you find the power to change to the right season, and this is when you realize this one has a bit of a Metroidvania going on.

It will only take around 10-15 minutes or so to find the Guardian of Winter who, without saying anything, will grant you a winter fragment. Once you take it back to the sanctuary, you’ll be separated from the fox so that you can merge with the winter fragment. Returning to the fox will then allow you to continue your search for the other Guardians, so that you can eventually change seasons as you please in order to solve new puzzles as needed.

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Each area in the game is small enough that it will be easy to find the “collectibles” in the game which help you to unlock the trophies. There are trophies for story progression, as well as others that ask that you bloom all flowers in the game, find specific places to dream, and some for unveiling frescos in the game – for these you need to find a large three where you can the winter fragment you’re carrying to make the fresco will magically appear. And once you get all trophies, you’ll be rewarded with a Platinum! Overall, you’re looking at around 4-5 hours to complete the game with all trophies if you search high and low for dream locations and flowers to bloom.

Seasons After Fall is a great looking and very charming puzzle/platformer with a bit of a Metroidvania thing going on. It might be short, but it’s definitely fun from start to finish. It’s a relaxing experience that allows you to explore beautiful hand-painted locations that come to life as you change from season to season. The puzzles are fun and never feel overwhelming, which is always a plus for this type of game. If you’re looking for a solid puzzle/platformer on PS4, then give Seasons After Fall a try!

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This Seasons After Fall review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Focus Home Interactive.


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Fun and great looking puzzle/platformer