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[Beyond PlayStation] Drop It: Block Paradise! Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Drop It: Block Paradise! Review

Drop It: Block Paradise is a physics-based puzzler. It exists thanks to a licensing agreement with indie developer RCMADIAX, hence its initial similarities with Blok Drop U. Want to learn more about how this new game expands on the formula? Then come check out our Drop It: Block Paradise review!


My immediate impressions after playing some of the game’s puzzles are that I really dig its colorful and vibrant feel. Every puzzle is neat and minimalist with a good use of a wide range of colors. Drop it: Block Paradise offers 150 levels of brain teasers that will slowly increase in difficulty as you progress through the game. There is plenty to do in this game, which is why its great that it features a set of in-game achievements for you to tally up how you’re doing in the game. Fellow trophy hunters are certainly going to love this feature!

Drop It: Block Paradise! Review - 1

The goal for each level is simple and to the point: you need to guide a star to solid ground by carefully tapping the objects in each level. The first few levels are easy, but that soon changes after completing the first 20 or so level sin the game. However, you are not alone in this journey: Tip and Tap are on hand to give you some tips on where to tap! The fewer moves you make, the more stars you will earn on the results screen. The stars you earn will help you to unlock achievements, concept art and more!

Drop It: Block Paradise! Review - 2

You can use the stylus or your finger on the Wii U Gamepad’s screen to make blocks disappear, and the fewer blocks you remove, the better your score. You can see the number of moves you make in the bottom right corner of the screen. With 150 levels and hazards aplenty to avoid, not to mention the steady rise in difficulty, Drop it: Block Paradise! will keep you busy for a good few hours as some levels will require multiple tries to complete. But worry not, because every level can indeed be completed if you try hard!

If the main arcade mode is not enought for you, then how about you create your own levels? Would you like to share them online and play the levels created by other players? Well, you’ll be happy to learn you can certainly do that! Everything you see in the main game is available in the Editor mode – all block types, backgrounds, songs, and more!

Drop It: Block Paradise! Review - Editor

You can also upload your levels via the Block Database to share with other players and let them play your creations. You can even use the game’s search functions to find specific types of levels to try! It is thanks to this mode that the game pretty much features unlimited replayability for a very small price.

There are also weekly events for the game where you can create levels by following a guideline. If you do it right, you could end up in the special section of the Block Editor – it is similar to Favorite Picks thing from the Little Big Planet series.

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Drop It: Block Paradise is a fun puzzler for all ages, where players of all skill levels will get a chance to complete all levels after some trial and error. The game is very colorful, which is always a good thing in this day and age when so many games are gray and brown! If you’re a fan of puzzle game and love to create your own puzzles, then I highly recommend you run to download Drop It: Block Paradise!

This Drop It: Block Paradise is based on a Wii U copy provided by ZeNfA Productions.


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Very fun physics-based puzzle + Level Editor