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[PS4] Serial Cleaner Review

[PS4] Serial Cleaner Review

Serial Cleaner is a very fun game with a great premise: clean the messes of serial killers and mob hits! That’s certainly something you don’t see every day! Want to learn more? Then check our Serial Cleaner review!


Have you ever seen Pulp Fiction? There is a character in the movie called Winston, and his job is to clean away any evidence left behind by the mafia. Wouldn’t it be great if you could play as a character with a similar 9 to 5? Well, now you can thanks to Serial Cleaner from iFun4All and Curve Digital!

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Cleaning up blood, getting rid of weapons and disposing of the many dead bodies left behind in each location is all you need to worry about. Well, that and the cops. There is a lot of stealth involved in this release, especially since if you’re caught and have to replay and area, there will be some randomization thrown in so that you can’t memorize objectives and patterns.

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Serial Cleaner is set in the 1970’s and gives you control of titular Cleaner. He doesn’t judge those who make such a mess. He doesn’t ask any questions. He gets a contract that involves cleaning up a crime scene that could lead to the killers getting caught by the police, and gets ready to clean everything. Your clients are bound to make mistakes here and there, and it is your job to get rid of said mistakes so that they’re not caught.

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You must navigate different locations and use L2 to activate Clean Vision. Clean vision enables a bird’s eye view of the whole area, with markers shown in red fro bodies and incriminating evidence, and red blobs are, as you can imagine, for blood spatters which you need to clean up. The blue markers are your hiding spots. You will see police cars and police officers running around looking for the killers and guarding the evidence. While cleaning up the crime scene, you must avoid their field of vision at all times. If you are seen, you can hide in one of a few marked hidden spots, as long as you’re fast enough.

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To get rid of the blood you have a special vacuum cleaner which you can use with R2. In the top left corner, you have a red box that tells you the number of bodies you need to dispose of and how much evidence you need to find. After that, you’ll see a number that represents the amount of blood you need to clean up. The bigger the pool of blood, the more it is worth. Blood is slightly slippery which means you can clean up the blood a little faster, but bear in mind not to clean too close to a police officer as obviously Cleaner will be a little noisy.

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Do you like a proper challenge? Then Serial Cleaner has got you covered! You can play contracts how you want it. You can select to play without the police vision cones, or play on a time limit. Or you can play endlessly and see how many bodies you can dispose of before getting caught. How about playing with Cleaner drunk as a skunk? There are many ways to play and a lot of fun to be had, that’s for sure!

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Serial Cleaner is a lot of fun, and its trophies are pretty straightforward, with nothing being missable due to how the game is structured. A bit of patience and a lot of practice is all that is required for eventually making that Platinum yours! If you’re looking for a unique experience, then look no further because Serial Cleaner on PlayStation 4 is definitely worth your time and money.

This Serial Cleaner review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Curve Digital.


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Very fun an unique PS4 game