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[PlayStation 4] God Wars Future Past Review

[PS4] God Wars Future Past Review

God Wars Future Past tells the story of a Kaguya, a young girl imprisoned as a sacrifice to Mount Fuji to appease the Gods. Want to learn more? Then check our God Wars Future Past review!


Kintaro decides to rescue Kaguya, and after freeing her, he takes her to see the world she has never known. The story of God Wars Future Past is one of its highlights thanks to a rich cast of characters, so I don’t want to spoil too much of it. The characters are based on actual Japanese figures from Japan’s history, which adds an extra layer to the overall arc. The game will definitely be very difficult to put down once you start!

This game is a tactical RPG, and that means combat is pretty much grid-based. Your party fights in a typical turn-based fashion, and when a character falls in battle, instead of dying they will have a timer above their bodies. If you do not revive them within that limit, then they disappear from the battlefield until the battle ends. As you progress and play the game, your party will grow, so you’ll need to decide which characters go in the front and which provide support. As a heads-up, I highly suggest you have at least one healer in your ranks.

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The ideal set up would probably be tank fighters at the front with healers and rangers at the back, but you have the power to experiment with what your characters can do since each has more than one job. As these jobs level up, even more jobs will unlock so that you can deeply customize your party as much as you want to.

During combat, every action you complete will allow you to earn EXP and JP – Job Points. You should know that you can earn more JP by performing special attacks, which will enable you to level up all your jobs faster. This is important for trophy hunters who aim at doing a Platinum run since you’ll need to max all jobs as one of the requirements.

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Combat may seem easy at first, but once you progress and defeated a couple of bosses, you will realize you need to think before you act or else you will be destroyed in battle in no time. If you ever find yourself losing even the easiest of battles, then be sure to do some requests since you can earn JP from them to level up your characters’ jobs. And if you need a boost, you can pay money in a shrine for buffs that will last a set number of turns.

As for the exploration side of things, the game is very much a linear experience. Travel is done via the hand-drawn overworld map, and you pretty much can’t deviate from it, unless you go for a sidequest or two, but even these take place in locations where you have previously battled. You can find treasure chests here and there as well, and the flashier the chest the better its content. Be careful though as many of them are booby trapped. You will need to unlock the Lockpick skill be able to unlock them safely, so do keep that in mind!

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God Wars: Future Past is an incredible game with deep and complex customization options. The hand-drawn retro style graphics ar every well polished and colorful, and the music perfectly fits the game’s theme. The story is very addictive, so once you start playing it will be a hard game to put down. A little more freedom to explore would have been awesome, but it’s not a dealbreaker. God Wars Future Past is a great tactical RPG and a must-have on PS4.

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This God Wars Future Past review is based on a PS4 copy provided by NIS America.


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