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How Has PlayStation Transformed and Influenced The Gaming Industry?

How Has PlayStation Transformed and Influenced The Gaming Industry?

When you look at the world we live in today, it’s hard to imagine gaming without the PlayStation as a key player. The original PlayStation launched “way back” in 1994, and since then each new iteration of the console has undergone significant changes, from the hardware itself to the graphics and sound it can produce, not to mention the quality and the range of games on offer.

In contrast to games like Pong or Space Invaders from the start of the gaming industry, and in comparison to the SNES console, the actual launch of the original PlayStation cannot quite be credited as being a defining moment in the world of gaming, since it did take a bit of time for Sony to change gaming with its PlayStation brand. Now that we’re on the PS4 generation, and that many of you have grown knowing nothing more than the PS family of consoles, we can certainly say Sony has earned its place as a key player in transforming the industry.

Embracing the Future

Perhaps what Sony have done most cleverly time and time again is embracing the future of technology before their competitors, or at least embracing the future in a more engaging manner than the likes of Nintendo (except for motion controls which Nintendo did bring to the masses before PS Move) and Microsoft’s Xbox console line. The latest example of this can be appreciated with Sony’s decision to launch PlayStation VR (more on that later) way ahead of Microsoft’s virtual reality offering, or how it managed to secure the exclusivity of the original releases for Final Fantasy VII to XII.

Another good example of this innovation from Sony lies in their concrete plans to get games available to play on smartphones. Smartphone gaming in 2017 is hugely popular, so much so that revenue from mobile gaming is passing that of both console and PC gaming, so it seems clear that Sony is taking a leaf out of the book of iGaming, an industry that very early on embraced the idea that people enjoy gaming on mobile devices, especially pick up and play games which give a lot and take a little in terms of financial and time investment (think fast-paced games like slots or snap poker). You can read more on the appeal of this sort of game, especially snap poker, on 888poker’s content hub, but essentially these games boil down to the fact that the games are high-speed, fast-fold, and meant to instigate genuine excitement in players, rather than the longer, more drawn-out appeal of traditional poker (which, of course, also has its appeal on mobile).

Sony has made great strides in having a wide range of F2P games on its consoles, since they’re very much a pick up and play experience that doesn’t require a huge financial investment (this is even more apparent with virtual games that give players access to gambling in slots or playing quick matches of snap poker).

Changing Reality for Gamers

By embracing the opportunity to follow where technology has been heading, Sony has also used the PlayStation to be at the forefront of trends such as eSports (another area of gaming that is becoming hugely popular) by running “PlayStation tournaments,” as well as in the aforementioned VR scene. PlayStation VR is already well ahead of many of its nearest rivals thanks to a solid offering of games and a good, but still not quite mass market friendly, pricing.

With games like Skyrim soon to be heading to the world of VR and Sony clearly continuing to pump more money into this area, the ability to help ease gamers into the immersive world of VR could be the single biggest innovation that the PlayStation helps to bring to the world of gaming, leaving it replicating the likes of Pong and Space Invaders as game changers for the industry.