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[Review Revisited] Actual Sunlight

[Review Revisited] Actual Sunlight

Have you dealt with depression or know someone who has? Actual Sunlight takes those feelings and puts them into a video game, giving you a look into the mind of someone going through depression.Check out our Actual Sunlight review to learn more!

Actual Sunlight – Trailer

A few weeks ago I was looking for something to play on my Vita. I noticed that I still had Actual Sunlight sitting there and decided it was finally time to cross the threshold and play it. I was briefly aware that the title had to do with depression, but didn’t know much else about the game.

It is interestingly designed with a 16-bit look, but set in the modern age. The game is set in Toronto, a city I am very familiar with, so it was really interesting watching the story from this POV. It takes place over a few days of the main character’s life and you get to interact with him, with your apartment, your co-workers, and other people.

The game has a compelling narrative about a man dealing with his depression and coping with it. It’s been a while since a game has hit me this hard emotionally – maybe since Gone Home. I really don’t want to discuss the game too much as to not give the story away, so be sure to play it! Also, I would be remiss to not mention that you should be 18 or older to play this game as it deals with adult themes and language.

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