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[PlayStation 4] UNBOX: Newbie’s Adventure Review

[PS4] UNBOX: Newbie’s Adventure Review

UNBOX: Newbie’s Adventure is a cute, colorful, quirky and fun platformer on PS4. Come read our UNBOX: Newbie’s Adventure to learn more about this one!


UNBOX: Newbie’s Adventure you play as Newbie, a sentient self-delivering cardboard box who works for the GPS (Global Postal Service). The office is currently going through a rough patch, and the result of that is a massive way of layoffs that hit the human postal employees. That only leaves the sentient boxes to take care of all deliveries. With a premise that crazy, you can imagine what the game is going to be like!

The core of the story talks about a group of boxes known as the Wild Cards that is trying to put the Global Postal Service out of business… simply because they didn’t like being told what to do. They do all they can to wreak havoc on the GPS, and as the smart box that you are, you can stop them in their tracks if you give it your best!

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Throughout the game world, you will meet some of your colleagues – fellow sentient delivery boxes who will provide you with quests to complete. Some of the quests you will get will task you with having to retrieve something, or you might be asked to rescue someone who is in danger.

Newbie has a ton of space to cover and explore, and each map is packed with gold rolls of tape which act as one of the game’s collectibles. The rolls of gold tape are tough to miss as they glow. There are also several stamps top collect, and they’re important since you need them to be able to progress in the game. Are you up fro the challenge?

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The game has a ton of puzzles to solve, as well as some timed challenges to keep things interesting. There are also some very interesting bosses to defeat, and you’ll need to collect X number of stamps before you can face each one, so be sure to collect as many stamps as possible since each boss will require you collect more and more. There are also some tricky platforming sections that will truly test your skills. If you find any gaps that are too big for you to clear in a one jump, then you’ll need to “Unbox” in midair to be able to get an extra oomph.

If you can secure enough collectibles, you will also be rewarded with several unlockables that you can use to customize Newbie with a new look. These include things like hats, facial hair, monocles and more. Anything that you unlock will be available at Swifts Tailoring, which can be found on every level, so be sure to mix and match to find the perfect look for Newbie.

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The game has a short trophy list with no Platinum trophy, and will reward players with fourteen Bronze trophies and one Gold trophy for their effort. You’ll need to search high and low since one of the trophies asks that you collect every single gold tape in the game, while the Gold one pretty much asks that you 100% the game by finding all stamps and defeat all bosses,

UNBOX: Newbie’s Adventure is a fun game with a ton of things to do. While the game’s controls are not perfect, they’re not a deal-breaker, and I’m sure the team will release a patch soon to smooth things out. And if you’re someone who favors physical copies of PlayStation 4 games, you can get a special edition of the game by clicking right here.

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If you’re looking for a fun and challenging platformer, then be sure to give UNBOX: Newbie’s Adventure a go!


This UNBOX: Newbie’s Adventure is based on a PS4 copy provided by Merge Games.


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Very fun boxed adventure