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[Beyond PlayStation] Kid Tripp Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Kid Tripp Review

Kid Tripp from Four Horses is a port of a previously mobile-only release now on Nintendo 3DS that is fun and charming. Read our Kip Tripp review to find out why!


Kid Tripp is an autorunner/platformer that has finally made its way to the 3DS – and it will also be making the jump to the Nintendo Switch later in the year. The graphics will remind you of the Super Mario Bros. games thanks to the green platforms, sandy tiles, and colorful enemies… which isn’t a bad thing!

The game’s story is very simple: Kid Tripp was flying a plane and ends up crashing into a giraffe, to then crash onto the ground before being chased by all wildlife in the island. He automatically runs through each stage from start to finish, which means all you have to worry about is that he gets there in one piece, which is easier said than done! You must aid him so that he carefully jumps over the platforms, enemies, and hazards on his path, all while you try to collect (all of) the coins along the way.

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Levels in this game are short and to the point, taking you around 20-30 seconds to complete. This might seem like a very short gameplay time, but that 20-30 seconds are for a single run from start to finish and do not take into consideration the time spent replaying each level thanks to all the things out there to kill you. A single hit will end your run, forcing you to restart the stage, and this means you could spend several minutes trying to master a particularly tricky area if you’re not careful.

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There are 14 in-game challenges to complete, which increases the replayability for the game. There are some very tricky challenges on the list which you’ll only be able to attempt until you’ve managed to learn most of the levels so that you can complete a full run without dying a lot.

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I had fun with this $4 Nintendo 3DS release, but I do wish the game had a few more levels thrown into the mix to increase its longevity. Mind you, what’s in here is fun, but another 10 level would have made this an even better package. If you’re looking for a short and challenging platformer, then Kid Tripp on the Nintendo 3DS will definitely scratch that itch.

This Kid Tripp review is based on a Nintendo 3DS copy provided by Four Horses.


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Fun autorunner platformer on 3DS