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[PlayStation 4] Micro Machines World Series Review

[PS4] Micro Machines World Series Review

Remember racing your toy cars as a kid, trying to beat your friends in a race or a fictional battle? Then check our Micro Machines World Series review!

The legend is back! Micro Machines World Series combines the thrilling madness of racing micro vehicles with epic team battle strategies, set against the extraordinary interactive backdrops of the everyday home! Grab your NERF blaster, try to avoid the jam, and unleash miniature multiplayer mayhem onto the world!


Micro Machines World Series | The Thrill of the Race!

This is a double review for Micro Machines World Series by the_nmac and Tracey. This review represents what both had to say.

Micro Machines World Series is a throwback to my childhood in a few ways. I remember when I was really young playing with the Micro Machines on the floor when I was younger playing with friends. Who could hit the finish line first in the makeshift tracks we built around the house? The game also takes me back to playing games on my NES such as RC Pro Am or Super Sprint, which is definitely a good thing!

Micro Machines has you playing from an overhead perspective. You need to maneuver the cars around each track and along the way you can pick up weapons and power-ups to attack your opponents as you case a ton of mayhem. Driving around takes some getting used to as the controls feel different from other racing games. You use to use the stick and point it in the direction you want your car to go, which does sound simple but takes some getting used to. The other challenge is using the weapons. They are easy to collect but aiming and firing them from this point of view takes some practice.

Micro Machines World Series Review - 1

Races take place on neat little tracks that look like they are taking place in a house, in a setup like the one you would have built when you were a kid. For example, one of the tracks goes over multiple environments, including a pool table and a piano! Each has a great designed and features different obstacles and nods to other childhood brands from Hasbro, such as Nerf, Ouija, and more.

Battle mode was very fun as the game placed you in a more enclosed environment with the sole purpose of destroying your competition. The close quarter areas made it easier to use weapons, allowing you to do massive damage. The custom battle areas look great each with their own feeling and nods to brands from the Hasbro lines.

So while the gameplay modes are great, one of the issues for the game runs is that it’s entirely focused on the online experience. When you start a mode, the game automatically looks for people for you to play with and fills the rest of the slots with bots after waiting for human players for few minutes. I’m just surprised there really isn’t a single player mode a little more accessible. The other issue is, for example, kids who want to play but who don’t have access to online on PS4. My six year old wanted to try the game on his account, and I thought it would be fun for him, but since he’s so young he’s locked out of the online part (by me) so he could only access the training area, which just wasn’t as fun


Let me get started by talking about the game’s graphics: this is one very colorful and charming release! The many cars you can unlock, as well as the many environments you’ll be racing in, will certainly remind you of your childhood when you used to play with toy cars with your friends or siblings. All cars can be fully customized in the Garage so that you can bring your own feel into the game.

The music is catchy and a good fit for the racing action – it will certainly put you in the right mood to be hypnotized by the whole experience. Colorful and charming graphics and a good soundtrack and a solid set of sound effects are always a great way to immerse players into the action, so kudos to the team on those two fronts.

Micro Machines World Series Review - 2

My complaints about the game are that you can’t see the full tracks despite being an isometric race, as well as how the Car handling is sometimes a bit frustrating – it doesn’t feel very tight, and for some of you, it might feel awkward and clunky until you practice more.

As Nmac mentioned, there are plenty of modes to try in the game, such as Special Event, Ranked Match, Quick Play, Skirmish, Elimination, Free-For-All, and Race. But, unfortunately, there is no Single Player campaign or a World Series mode – which the game’s title sorta suggests. Sure, you can play most modes with an AI, but there is no split screen couch co-op. On the plus side, the online focus means that up to 12 players can join in on the fun, which is definitely nice!

Micro Machines World Series Review - 3

There are a ton of trophies to get in the game since it has a full trophy list with a Platinum. Since there is a big focus on online gaming for this game, Micro Machines World Series includes seventeen online trophies, so do take that into consideration if you’re setting your aim on getting this new Platinum for your collection. Start by playing the tutorial since that’s the easiest trophy, and work your way up towards increasing your level up to 40, completing ranking events, collecting a ton of items, destroying your opponents, and more. It’s a long list, so you’re looking at 30+ hours to get every trophy in this one.

Final Thoughts

Micro Machines World Series is a decent racer with great callbacks to previous games in the series. It controls well and has a great battle mode while creating some really cool tracks.
Hopefully the community embraces the game since there is a heavy focus on the online part of the equation and online games are nothing if they don’t have a solid community.


This Micro Machines World Series review is based on PS4 copies provided by Codemasters Inc..


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Fun but online-only racing title