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[Beyond PlayStation] RPG Maker FES Review

[Beyond PlayStation] RPG Maker FES Review

Have you always wanted to make your own fantasy RPG game? Don’t know much about programming? Then have we got the game for you! Come read our RPG Maker FES review!


With RPG Maker FES, you can create your very own fantasy RPG adventure thanks to the many tools the game has to offer. This is a game with a ton of replay value since you can be working on new adventures for years and years! And on top of this, you can also check out the games made by other gamers around the world, either for inspiration or for fun. Are you ready to become a hobbyist developer?

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When you boot up the game for the first time, you will be greeted with a series of menus. There are no tutorials in the game, so you can get started right away and learn as you go. This is a bit intimidating at first, and a short tutorial would have been a welcome addition, but you can certainly learn as you go with some trial and error to see what works and what you need to refine here and there.

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The three basic elements of RPG Maker Fes are Maps, Events, and Database. First, let’s talk about Maps. You can certainly work on how you want your map to look since you have tools to add rivers, tree stumps, walls and so much more. Homage is the best form of flattery, and the best way to learn how to build your own areas, so why not take inspiration from some of the classics in the JRPG genre? There is a huge list of games you could base your new adventure on, tweaking things here and there as you work towards creating all new content. There are also some preset options ready for you to speed things up. You can create a total of 99 areas and then link them all together to build a game. You also have four world map types available to experiment with! To create a map, choose from the list of geographical elements from the palette menu using your stylus, or the buttons if that is what you prefer. Once you are satisfied with your creation, you can test it to get a feel for how the groundwork will behave before you start adding more stuff.

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When your maps are ready, and you’ve linked them all together, you can use the Events tab to create a story. The know-how is pretty complex. You can use Events to display messages, transport you from map to map, introduce branching dialogue trees, change the seasons, add or remove party members, and more! As was the case for the Maps section, you can choose from a list of available preset options, which is a lot simpler if you’re still learning what the game can do. You can also implement save points, shops, buildings and a ton of other elements – and you can certainly design all of them from scratch! You have a ton of freedom for creating your adventures. I would greatly encourage you to go wild and experiment to your heart’s content, and then go nuts!

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The Database is where your creations are saved, as well as where you can edit stuff. You can change things around, add and remove what does and doesn’t work in your game, change behaviors, sprites, you name it! The only thing you cannot do here is create your own assets from scratch. RPG Maker FES is the kind of game that will appeal to the modding community and to budding game designers and developers who want to get their feet wet before diving into making a game outside of this release.

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All in all RPG Maker Fes is a very fun game and definitely worth the asking price. Since it doesn’t have tutorials, it might feel a bit daunting at first, but stick with it, and you’ll get to enjoy all the freedom you have for creating your own adventure – the possibilities are endless! Once you get the hang of the game, you can keep making adventures until the end of time. The game will have DLC packs that will add more stuff for you to play with, so be sure to keep an eye out for that since I’m sure it will make this great game even better!

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This RPG Maker FES review is based on a Nintendo 3DS copy provided by NIS America.


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