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Craziest Cameos in Video Games

Craziest Cameos in Video Games

Since the early days of video games, developers have been sneaking in cameo appearances both from fictional characters and real-life celebrities.


From musicians like Phil Collins to voice actors prevalent in games themselves, there have been some very surprising, not to mention downright crazy, appearances in video games. For example, the game Fight Club, based on the movie of the same name, features Limp Bizkit front man Fred Durst as an unlockable character once you have completed the game.

One of the weirder cameos was on SEGA’s Dreamcast which had a variety of strange and interesting games. Though now discontinued, it is still a favorite among gamers to this day. In Space Channel 5, main character Ulala is a space reporter who uses the power of dance to rescue people from evil aliens.

In both Space Channel 5 and its aptly titled sequel Space Channel 5: Part Two, Ulala has a co-worker named Michael that is modeled after and even voiced by none other than late king of pop Michael Jackson. while his appearance in the first game was brief, in the second one he fights a singing robot by dancing after being rescued by Ulala. It was a surreal, yet perfectly fitting, appearance for him.

It’s not only musicians that have made cameo appearances. When NBA Jam was ported from the arcade to home consoles a host of secret characters were added to the mix, the weirdest of which was then U.S. President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hilary Clinton as playable characters. Now, who says politics and video games don’t mix?

The late, great Bruce Lee is no stranger to video games either. He starred in 1984’s Bruce Lee, 1989’s Bruce Lee Lives, 1995’s Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, 2002’s Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon, and 2003’s Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend. He also stars in his own slot game on the Sky Vegas website, a unique five-reel game that has martial arts-based icons on the reels, like nunchucks. Sky Vegas has a £10 no-deposit bonus according to Oddschecker, so the game can be tried risk-free.

None of the above has stopped the legendary Bruce Lee from making another cameo elsewhere though, and what better place can there be for his awesomeness than UFC 2? Completing the game on the Pro or higher difficulty settings unlocks Bruce Lee as a playable character!

Possibly one of the strangest and most out of place cameo can be found in NBA 2K13. Pop star Justin Bieber makes an appearance as a playable character that has not only grown from 5”7’ to a massive 6”4’, but who is also one of the best basketball players the world has ever seen – at least according to the game’s stats. It is safe to say that Justin Bieber as one of the world’s best basketball player is one of the weirdest cameos you’ll ever see in a video game, right?