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[PlayStation 4] Aven Colony Review

[PS4] Aven Colony Review

Aven Colony on PlayStation 4 sets you as the Governor of the people of Aven Prime. Do you have what it takes to build a colony? Learn more in our Aven Colony review!


Most games in the same genre as Aven Colony can be quite complex with a never-ending slew of menus that complicate things. And then there are the slow tutorials that take forever to show players how to do something that could have been explained in less than a minute. That is all gone with Aven Colony. The tutorials are simple and easy to follow and understand. You are taught how to play the game in a step by step format which was excellent, making it easier to enjoy the game.

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During the long and extensive Campaign Mode you are tasked with building the very first human settlement on a planet far out of our solar system, called Aven Prime – a beautiful and lush planet that is ripe for exploration. You have eight maps to enjoy, and the first one after completing the two tutorial segments is Vanaar. Once you get underway, you can choose to go at it alone and do whatever you see fit, with some minor restrictions, of course, or you can follow the objectives presented by the game. Some of the objectives are mandatory, but there are several extra ones that are not.

First thing you need to do is build an outpost where you can stay, and you will need to build a Geothermal Generator to create electricity. You’ll then be able to use solar panels to connect the Geothermal Generator to the outpost so that it has electricity. Once that’s taken care of, you should definitely get a water pump, right? Mmm, but what will everyone eat? Perhaps you should get right to it and build a farm so that you can grow an array of crops. But this is another planet, and oxygen is probably a pretty big deal, so you might as well get some air thanks! You should also be sure to do some proper maintenance work on everything – you will get messages on the right side of the screen if something goes wrong.

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In order to build things you need Nanites, and the more you have the more you can build and the bigger your buildings can be. I would recommends building a Nanite processing plant or two as early as possible, and to continue to build more as your city grows so that you can have enough resources to build a massive colony. As you progress you will get access to policing structures to help control crime – these are really important if you want to win referendums! You’ll also need to build hospitals, park and other entertainment venues to keep your inhabitants happy. Eventually when you have enough inhabitants you will be able to expand and explore even further into the planet. To make this viable you’ll need to build a Research Center and a Technologies center so that you can send out expeditions into the unknown. How cool is that?

When your population grows and grows, at one point you’ll have your very first referendum. You must pay attention and see what the public asks of you – if they say they find it hard to travel to work, then do something about it! If they complain about high crime levels then add more policing structures. This is really important as you need a high vote in your favor, which can be very though during your first run!

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From time to time your superiors will set some mandatory missios, which will revolve around finding out more about the planet’s history, so you’ll need to scan artifacts, go on expeditions, etc. As you do the mandatory missions, don’t forget to also take care of some of the missions since they’ll reward you with valuable resources and bonuses you’ll need in order to succeed. Be sure to pick the right reward for your trouble so that you can make the most of it – if you need food, that’s certainly a reward to get!

On top of the Campaign Mode, there is also a Sandbox Mode which offers a ton of fun. I’d definitely suggest you first try to complete Campaign Mode before you dive into the sandbox stuff, so that you have a better idea of what you can and can’t do – especially since in Sandbox mode you are completely free to do whatever you want! You’ll get to choose how difficult the game will be, if resources are plentiful or scarce, how often referendums will take place, and more!

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Most city building games have over complicated menus and difficult to follow tutorials. Aven Colony changed all that. It’s an excellent option on PlayStation 4 for fans of the genre, and a welcome addition to m collection. The game has great graphics with a lot of attention to detail, day and night cycles, different weather patterns and lot of that make this a very pretty game. The one complain I have for this game is that the text is a bit small, but when that’s all one can really complain about you know a game is a must-play.

This Aven Colony review is based on a PS4 copy provide by Team 17.


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