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[Beyond PlayStation] Phantom Trigger Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Phantom Trigger Review

TinyBuild Games is back with a new Nintendo Switch release in Phantom Trigger from BreadTeam. Read our Phantom Trigger review to learn more!


Phantom Trigger for the Nintendo Switch is a hardcore hack and slash roguelike with very colorful and good looking neon graphics. As you start the game, you’ll be thrown into the action in the Hard difficulty setting, just as the developers intended. If you feel this is a bit too much, you can lower it to Normal. You probably will do just that since Phantom Trigger is a tough game with zero hand holding.

Upon booting the game for the first time, you find yourself in the kitchen, and your wife has just made you some breakfast. After a discussion, the guy collapses, and it is discovered that he is suffering from an illness that will pretty much require a miracle cure. Next thing you know, both husband and wife are in a colorful but eerie dark fantasy world. Is that the real world or are they in a dream world?

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As for combat, you have two weapons: a sword, which is blue, and a whip, which is green. Enemies react to the weapon you use, so fire enemies die quicker by the sword since it’s an ice sword. The sword is mapped to the Y button, and your whip is mapped to the X button, so you’ll need to mix and match your attacks to be able to make short work of your enemies. To go faster, you can dash with A button, which is handy to escape from enemies. The game places a big focus on combos, so you better learn how to do them, or you will quickly be overwhelmed by the groups of enemies out to get you.

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Since Phantom Trigger is a roguelike with RPG elements, which means that if you don’t hit a checkpoint during our adventure, you’ll end up having to start from scratch. You do get to level up, so your time with the game will at least allow you to improve your character as you go. Every moment in your adventure will allow you to test your skills so that you can become better, so you’ll survive longer.

The enemies are interesting and offer a nice variety, not to mention a considerable challenge around every corner! The game’s art style makes everything pop, and this includes the enemies who are beautifully animated. You’ll be killing your way towards one of the game’s four endings, which should take you around 7-9 hours or so depending on skill and how much of a hard time you’re having with what the game throws at you.

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Because, along with the challenging enemies, you’ll also run into challenging bosses that you’ll need to study to find out more about their movement and attack patterns. You can’t just rush into action, or else you’ll be dead in a blink! Combos are a must for bosses, so be sure to maximize your attack by hitting them often, hitting them hard and hitting them at the best possible time!

Something I would have liked in the game was access to some sort of map or minimap that would allow me to plan a bit ahead. The current setup does force you to explore more, but I’m sure the team could find something that works. Since exploration is encouraged and you’ll even find bonuses to aid you on your adventure, even a small map without many icons would have helped.

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Phantom Trigger is definitely not for casual gamers, as it is obvious from the fact that the game starts on the Hard difficulty setting. If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll find a great looking action game with an interesting story and more than enough content to justify your purchase. But if you’re easily frustated, you should definitely avoid this one since you’re going to hate it.

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This Phantom Trigger review is based on a Nintendo Switch code provided by TinyBuild.


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Fun and hectic but could use some improvements here and there