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[PlayStation 4] Deadcore Review

[PS4] Deadcore Review

DeadCore from 5 bits Games and Grip Digital is a fast-paced action-packed first-person platformer on PlayStation 4. Read our DeadCore review to learn more about the game!


DeadCore is a great looking and impressive game with a very polished level design that makes for a fun experience. DeadCore demands a lot of patience, but is a rewarding experience. So if speed and difficulty are your bag, then you are in for a treat! I had been looking forward to playing the game as soon as it was announced, so you bet that I jumped at the chance to review the game!

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This one is a first-person platformer with action elements in which you have to climb a tower to reach the top as fast as possible. It sounds easy and straigthforward, but the game is anything but. You will need fast reflexes or else you won’t make it. The huge tower is black with pale blue highlights, and you will find platforms hanging on railings, platforms of various shapes and sizes, with some gaps that might seem impossible to clear, but that you can overcome if you practice hard.

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Your movement is mapped to the shoulder buttons and thumb sticks. Since there is zero handholding in this one, you won’t find a tutorial to teach you the basics in the game. I had to try every button to see which one allowed me to jump! At the start of DeadCore all you have is tMa double jump, but after progressing a little bit you will be get a gun and a Dash ability that will make it easier to complete some of the tower’s sections. The gun is primarily used for activating and deactivating jump pads, switches and so on. You will also have the opportunity to shoot at targets while in mid jump, which does take some practice!

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The game is perfect for speedrunning, but the Speedrun Mode itself is locked and will only be madr available to players after completing the main mode. It sorta makes sense since you’ll need to learn all the basics for the game as you play the main campaign, and it will be thanks to that “practice” that you will stand a chance in the Speedrun Mode.

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Surprisingly the game bas no Platinum trophy, but the trophy list for DeadCore is certainly challenging. You’ll need to activate and use 3 Jumpers in a row without touching the ground, complete a level without deactivating any enemies, completing a level withouy dying, for finding all power-ups, all sparks and all of the developers’ Logs, completing the main campaign, and more.

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DeadCore is definitely a game that will appeal to hardcore gamers out there who are up for taking on a challenge. The fast-paced platforming action and the elaborate puzzles you’ll need to overcome will reward players who learn from all the trial and error that will take place in this adventure. So if this is the type of game you favor, be sure to play DeadCore on PlayStation 4.

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This DeadCore review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Grip Digital.



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