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Obduction Releasing For PlayStation 4 On August 29

Obduction Releasing For PlayStation 4 On August 29
  • On August 16, 2017

Obduction had a Kicktarter campaign many moons ago, reaching over $1.3 million in funding. The game is now set for an august 29 PS4 release with PS VR support to go live soon!


Rand Miller, CEO at Cyan, had this to say:

Obduction is a gorgeous, mesmerizing, unique, and immersive experience in some very strange worlds. You don’t shoot things. Heck… you don’t die at all (well, maybe that’s not completely true). The game begins with you enjoying a nighttime stroll along a beautiful mountain lake, but very quickly a streak of light breaks the calm. A strange organic artifact falls from the sky, approaches and takes you away from Earth to a new world named Hunrath. Hunrath is a strange conglomeration of pieces of Earth from various time periods mixed in with alien technology.

There’s even a message from someone at the beginning that seems to imply that this has happened to others, and they all live here happily – but something about the place doesn’t seem to jive with that. It’s too quiet, and empty, and… eerie. As you wander and explore you start to unravel the story – and find a way to “make it home.”

Obduction - 3

Obduction - 4

Obduction - 2


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