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[PS4] Thimbleweed Park Review

[PS4] Thimbleweed Park Review

Thimbleweed Park is an incredible and very funny point and click adventure game you have to play on PS4. Read our Thimbleweed Park review to find out why!


The game was funded thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that reached over $625,000 when all was said and done, and I’m very happy to report that the game has been worth the wait. This game is very funny, starting with the options menu! This one has some very interesting options that allow you to, for example, view the toilet paper in the correct positions in every bathroom you walk into. How bizarre is that?

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Thimbleweed Park is a game made by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, industry legends you might recall for games such as Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. If you’re a fan of those, then you certainly know what to expect from this one. The puzzles are fiendish and satisfying, and the game’s presentation is pixel heaven – but if you’re not a fan of pure pixels there are options to smooth things over. I should warn you that Thimbleweed Park is a highly addictive game – once you start playing it will be tough to put down.

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Thimbleweed Park is a murder mystery story. A body is found in a river on the outskirts of Thimbleweed. FBI agents Antonio Reyes and Angela Ray are on hand to investigate what happened to the victim and find the killer(s). It is your job to talk to everyone people as you search for clues to solve the murder mystery. However, it is not quite as simple as that! The murder is just the tip of the iceberg as there is a much bigger plot at play.

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You play as both Agent Reyes and Agent Ray, and you can freely switch between the two characters with the right trigger, this is an important mechanic as you will be swapping items with both characters. Each has its own separate inventory with different items, so sometimes to solve a puzzle solving you will need both characters present at the same time. On top of this, there are puzzles which can only be solved by a specific character.

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At the bottom of your screen are nine commands which are the core of your gameplay: Open, Close, Give, Pick Up, Look At, Talk To, Push, Pull, and Use. For example, if you want to open the door then you need to move the cursor to Open and then use said command and the cursor to click the door so that it opens. If you see something on the ground, then you need to move the cursor to Pick Up and then use that to move the cursor over the item so that you can get the item for your inventory.

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Thimbleweed Park has tough but very satisfying puzzles to solve, as is the case in most point and click games, especially old-school ones. You will find and collect items and combine them to be used as needed, so make sure you pick up everything you see to save you time. There is also plenty of miscellaneous stuff to do during your adventure, such as reading books in the library, which you should totally do since there’s a trophy for reading 100 of them. There are also trophies for collecting specks of dust, so be sure to get an early start on that one!

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You have the option of playing in easy mode with easier puzzles or playing in hard mode with mind bending puzzles. Me being a point and click connoisseur, I played in hard mode, and the puzzles are very satisfying at that difficulty. Hints are available, but they will void trophies, so I if you want to do a Platinum run, stay far away from them. The puzzles are not that obtuse, and some puzzles are even a bit randomized, so cheating isn’t something you can easily do!

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I have had an absolute blast playing Thimbleweed Park. The characters are full of personality, and the game itself is full of character and is a very fun adventure. The puzzles are very satisfying in hard mode, and the pixel art is top notch. Thimbleweed Park is full of references to older games, with several lines of dialogue that will surely give you a chuckle. If you’re a fan of point and click games, then this is a must-have.

This Thimbleweed Park review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Terrible Toybox.


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