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[PS4] Leap of Fate Review

[PS4] Leap of Fate Review

Leap of Fate is a top-down roguelike cyberpunk twin stick shooter on PlayStation 4. Read our Leap of Fate to learn more about this though release!


Leap of Fate has four heroes for you to play as, but some of them need to first be unlocked. Your journey begins with a set of cards dealt on a table, and you’ll pick a card to be sent into the gameplay inside of said card. At its core, this is a twin-stick shooter, and you’ll unlock new abilities for you to mix and match as you progress in the game. The campaign has you shooting wave after wave of enemies and collecting treasures. Survive, and you’ll be transported back into the real world to rinse and repeat until the end. The twist is that it’s a roguelite release, so that means there’s procedurally generated content AND that if you die, you’ll lose your character and all progress… all except for the permanent upgrades you’ve managed to unlock.

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You start out with Aeon, a rounded and balanced character with a nice set of ranged abilities. Next up is Big Mo, who has a Lazar as his weapon – he is a powerful and mighty character to have by your side. Mukai is a melee character, perfect for those of you who like your combat to be up close and personal. Finally, if you beat the game, you will unlock Rasimov, who is heavy on the magical abilities.

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The story is told through voiced narrative, as the game places a big focus on its gameplay. Complete each card and meet the Guardian of the stage – which acts as its boss character. You’ll need to be quick and nimble, move at all times and be sure to make every hit count, because if you’re defeated, you’ll have to take on a different set of cards due to the procedurally generated content. Something weird happened to me when playing: I was doing a late night gaming session and ended up falling asleep while playing due to how late it was. My PS4 went into rest mode, and when I restarted my session I was playing the same card, but the environment around me had changed. Weird, right?

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All cards have an event attached, which could be fighting off waves of enemies or a room with treasure chests, or some could be shops and upgrade areas, or even offer special challenges. Some cards even have keys to unlock a card you couldn’t open previously! The game offers a lot to do for those of you who like the roguelike formula, but without fully having all roguelike elements present. This is why Leap of Fate is cataloged as a roguelite, taking some of the elements of a pure roguelike experience while mixing things up a bit for a different type of experience.

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The level design definitely dives into the cyberpunk part of the equation, and it’s something I quite enjoyed about this release. As you explore each area, you might get to blow up some gas tanks to make short work of a horde of enemies that was dumb enough to get too close. You’ll need to pay attention to the environments you’ll traverse so that you can make the most of each room’s layout.

Leap of Fate Review - 5

Leap Of Fate is a fast-paced and challenging game on PS4 with some roguelike elements that will keep you on high alert. It has a solid level design, a nice cast of characters to unlock, and a good stream of content to play. Can you beat all of it in during your first run of the game? Are you that good?

This Leap of Fate review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Clever-Plays.


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Fun cyperpunk roguelite twin stick action game