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[PS4] Circuit Breakers Review

[PS4] Circuit Breakers Review

Circuit Breakers is an action packed pixel art release where you must kill wave after wave of enemies. Learn more about this twin-stick shooter in our Circuit Breakers review!


The core goal of the game is very simple: shoot at everything to earn as high a score as possible. So if you’re into score-based twin-stick shooters, then you’re going to love Circuit Breakers! It’s an ideal arcade style “time waster” that will keep you busy with its Score Attack and Arcade modes. Once you pick a mode, you have a choice of characters to play as – each character has different primary weapons. Experiment with each to be able to find the one that suits your playing style and then get ready to rack up insane scores.

Circuit Breakers Review - 1

A short tutorial will then take place, explaining how to play the game. It’s not a hard game to understand since each room is randomized, so no game is ever the same. You move, you aim, you shoot, you try to stay alive. When you defeat enemies, they drop white crystals, and you can also find them in boxes around the rooms. The crystals, known as Energium, are used to level up your gun. The more you use your gun, the more of its energy you’ll drain, and this causes it to go down a level. Sure, ammo is unlimited, but you need to make every shot count so that your weapon level doesn’t end up being too low. It’s a very interesting system, and a tad odd, but it definitely keeps the experience fresh.

Circuit Breakers Review - 2

There isn’t much of a story in the game since as most arcade games tend to do the focus is purely on the action and on you being able to get a high score by surviving for a long time. And when you get a game over, you start all over again and aim to beat your previous score. After completing a set of rooms you will face off against a boss, but since you only have a few lives per run, you might not be able to reach a boss during your first run!

Circuit Breakers Review - Boss

Regarding the graphics, the game goes for a sorta late 1980s retro look and runs with it. The one thing I didn’t like about the game was its music. I liked the style of music, but felt that only having a few tracks on a loop hurts the experience. At least you get a new beat when you reach a boss!

Circuit Breakers Review - 3

If you like twin-stick shooters with a big focus on gameplay and fast-paced action with enough of a challenge to keep you coming back for more, then you can’t go wrong with Circuit Breakers. The game is available for less than five bucks, and it will certainly be a fun ride. This is an experience best served in short bursts at a time, before you dive into marathon sessions of frantic twin-stick action, so do keep that in mind!

Circuit Breakers Review - 4

This Circuit Breakers review is based on a PS4 code provided by Excalibur Games.


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Fun and fast-paced twin stick action release