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[PlayStation 4] Defenders of Ekron Review

[PS4] Defenders of Ekron Review

Defenders of Ekron is a twin-stick shoot ’em up with a focus on story, almost taking it into adventure game territory. Read our Defenders of Ekron review!


The story revolves around a young cadet pilot called Eneas who joins an elite team to fight for his country in a civil war. During the course of the game, a deep conspiracy is uncovered, and that is all I’m going to spoil about the story because it’s one you need to check out for yourself!

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Gameplay is solid, and the controls are tight and work flawlessly. There are a lot of buttons to use, but the control mechanics are introduced at a steady pace, making it an easy game to pick up and play. The aim of the game is to fight off hordes of enemies before facing off against nasty bosses, but there is more variety on offer than just that. Some of the missions will have you doing some exploration and puzzle solving, keeping the game from being as repetitive as other twin-stick releases. You’ll face off against an onslaught of enemies, but you’ll also get to do some puzzle solving as you explore the area, which is a nice change of pace so that you can regroup before diving right back into the fray.

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As I mentioned above, as you progress in the game new mechanics will be introduced. At the start, all you can do is fire your cannons, but eventually, you will be able to deflect bullets, shoot fire and do many other things. You can also upgrade your ship in the hangar as you go so that you can have a fighting chance in battle. This along with abilities such as Flight Mode, which you can use to traverse narrow passages or chase enemies – as long as you don’t hit any obstacles along the way – keep things interesting.

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During my time playing Defenders of Ekron, I was reminded of great games such as Space Invaders, in the way you end up dodging incoming hostile fire as the enemies appear into play, eventually getting you “in the zone” as you try to destroy every single opponent on screen. It’s also an addictive release with arcade vibes which, complemented by the other gameplay sequences and its big push for the story makes it stand out.

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The visuals in Defenders of Ekron are great, making you stay on target during your quest. I really liked the game’s cutscenes as well, not to mention the great writing. You can tell that a lot of love went into making Defenders of Ekron, so kudos to In Vitro Games for giving us a very entertaining and polished PS4 release. The game does stand up as a different type of shoot ‘em up release, with fast-paced action mixed with exploration and some puzzle solving. All in all, I recommend Defenders of Ekron on PlayStation 4.

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This Defenders of Ekron review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by In Vitro Games.


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Charming fast-paced twin-stick shooter/adventure game