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PS4BlogCast Episode 262

  • On September 6, 2017

September is here and Destiny 2 is launching this week. It’ll be a short lived break until the rest of the games start rolling out for Q4. We also got two bits of DLC for both Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield 1 which released for their season pass/premium members.

The PSVR got a price drop on the core bundle, which now comes with the PS camera so that’s good news. I think I might have to pick one up at some point soon, though I’ll probably wait until after I get a 4K TV.

I’m sure I don’t have to ask if you’re picking up Destiny 2 this week, so why don’t you give us your impressions in the comments below!

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Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • New releases
  • PS+ games
  • PSVR
  • Until Dawn prequel
  • Battlefield 1 DLC
  • Tokyo Game Show
  • Secret word