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[PS4] Eliosi’s Hunt Review

[PS4] Eliosi’s Hunt Review

Eliosi’s Hunt is a new PlayStation 4 game from indie team TDZ Games. Does it hold up on Sony’s home console? Find out in our Eliosi’s Hunt review!


Eliosi’s Hunt is a top-down shooter/platformer about a young Zelicyan named Eliosi, a strange looking alien who dreams of becoming and succeeding as one of the best bounty hunter. After securing his very first contract, Eliosi realizes that bounty hunting is far more challenging than he had originally anticipated.

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TDZ Games took Eliosi’s Hunt to Kickstarter in mid-2016. Unfortunately, by the campaign’s end, they only accrued roughly 22% of their $18,000 base goal. But this small bump didn’t deter the team, and they decided to carry on developing the game in their spare time until they managed to complete the game not only for a PC release, but also for our beloved PS4.

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Eliosi’s Hunt might seem like a short experience, but it’s a fun and challenging one, not without its flaws. But one thing I certainly can’t complain about is the game’s graphics as the team has managed to give us a great looking 3D release. The platforming sections are part of the equation as well, but they’re a bit hit and miss since some of them are too challenging for their own good. Luckily Eliosi is not alone since he has his trusty drone to help him on his adventures. The drone is capable of creating a protective shield to protect Eliosi from damage, but you need to charge it up every now and then.

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You can expect to die a lot in this game, but that’s just the type of experience the team at TDZ Games wanted to give us. You’ll need to learn from your mistakes and, well, get good if you want to survive long enough to make some progress. There are some tricky sections that you’ll need to be extra careful with, but a little patience goes a long way.

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As you play the game, you will find weapons and upgraded for your character. You’ll be using things such as bazookas and flamethrowers to make short work of enemies, but at first, you only start with a simple gun. There are other things that will help you on your adventure, such as speed boots, and the more items you have, the better your odds of surviving.

And then, there are the game’s trophies. The good news is that there is a shiny Platinum trophy to reward you for your effort. The bad news is that there are several tricky trophies in this list. You will get trophies for things such as killing three enemies with a single grenade, completing each level in the game, collecting drone parts, unlocking upgrades, completing the game, and completing the game without getting any of the upgrades. You know, the usual.

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Eliosi’s Hunt is a great looking, interesting but punishing release that will test your skills every step of the way. The team decided to work on a hardcore experience for hardcore gamers, and I believe they’ve managed to do it. The game is absolutely worth a chance on PlayStation 4, especially if you’re into challenging releases. I had fun with Eliosi’s Hunt, and I look forward to seeing what the indie team at TDZ Games does next.


This Eliosi’s Hunt review is based on a PS4 copy provided by TDZ Games.

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Good looking and challenging shooter/platformer