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[PS VR] Neptune Flux Review

[PS VR] Neptune Flux Review

Neptune Flux is a PlayStation 4 release with PlayStation VR support. Is it a fun game or one to avoid? Read our Neptune Flux review to find out!


The first thing you find with Neptune Flux is that you can play with or without a PS VR- I started off playing using the PS VR which immerses you inside a Sub, but to me, there isn’t much difference between the VR version and the standard PS4 version available to all as far as gaming goes, apart from you being able to see more of the cockpit of the sub. You play as Sarah, and are tasked with investigating the cause of some strange energy surges. Starting off at the A.Q.U.A. base, you are assigned missions from command. As you venture out from the main base, you discover various wreckage sites that will lead to other missions.

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The Sonar is probably the tech you’ll use the most, since having this on makes objects shine in blue as the device gives out the familiar sonar blip that we all have heard at one point in our life. It can be a little draining after a while with your headphones on, but it is how the game was designed.

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Your Sub has a battery that drains as you use your sonar. As you travel between the different locations, there is an indicator on screen when you’re not in close range to an energy source. This is important since when you get closer to an energy source your battery refill. Completing missions, salvaging treasure and scrap rewards you with money you can use to buy consumables and upgrades for your sub. You can only carry a limited number of consumables at a time, plus there are only two main upgrades available – one to upgrade the sonar and another for laser diodes. You also need to work on power sources which you can improve although there are only a few of them. I finished the game and had a ton of money left and nothing to spend it on.

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Graphically the game is OK and does its setting justice. You’ll explore a dark, foggy deep ocean world where you end up straining your eyes to see objects coming into view. There are fish that come into view every now and then and the odd jellyfish, but as far as wildlife goes, that’s it. The game is quite nice when you’re using your sub with some good ambient sounds and the odd metal clunk when you run into something. The background track is calming, just as you would expect with in an underwater game.

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I don’t want to go into much detail about what happens in the game as it is a short experience, and if I give away a spoiler or two, then I’ll be spoiling the rest of the story. It took me around 90 minutes to complete all the missions and get all trophies, the ending, which might feel a bit short but is a good size for a PlayStation VR compatible release. I did enjoy the small free roam the game gives you as I was searching for wrecks and scrap and solving the simple puzzles I found.

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Neptune Flux is an OK experience with some nice touches, sounds, and environments. What was weird is that I had some motion sickness when playing the game – the first time this happened to me while playing a PS VR game on my PS4 Pro. But in the end, this was not a deal-breaker as it only took me a moment to recover. All in all Neptune Flux is a release that gives PS VR owners something new to experience on this virtual reality hardware, but due to the game’s length, I think you should pick it up during a sale.

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This Neptune Flux review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Zoxide Games.


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Neptune Flux is an OK experience with some nice touches, sounds and environments