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[PlayStation 4] Windjammers Review

[PlayStation 4] Windjammers Review
  • On September 18, 2017

Windjammers is a sports game played with a frisbee. Think of it as Pong on steroids. You’ve never heard of Pong? Read our Windjammers review to learn more!


Windjammers was originally released by Data East way back in 1994 for SNK’s Neo Geo arcade and home machines. This PlayStation 4 port from DotEmu gives us everything that made the original great, along with online multiplayer so that you can play against opponents from around the world!

The mechanics of the game are very easy to learn and pick up. Players of any age and skill can play and enjoy Windjammers! If I managed to quickly get good at the game in a short period of time, then you definitely have a good chance! I fell in love with this one instantly on PS4, and before I knew it I had spent hours playing the game!

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The aim is simple: you have two players (you and your opponent) on a court with a net in the middle, very much like a tennis court. You throw a frisbee at each other, and you must always catch the frisbee and try to make sure your opponent doesn’t catch it. If he fails a catch, then you score points, and you miss then your opponent will et the points. Getting the frisbee disc past the orange areas nets you three points, but if you can get it in the red, you get five points. It’s a really simple concept, but one that makes the game very likable and addictive.


Once you have hold of the frisbee you can’t move, but you can choose the direction in which you’ll throw the frisbee, and you definitely want to get it out of the reach of the other player to score big and win the match. You can bounce the frisbee, lob it or curve it. There are some nifty tricks to use and powerful ultra shots, and if timed right, you can win match after match with precise throws and the special skill of each playable character.

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The game includes an Arcade mode that has varying degrees of difficulty that can easily provide hours of fun on its own, as well as local versus and online multiplayer tournaments. I did run into some connection issues when playing some online matches, but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds since I was also able to get several matches in without any issues. Hopefully a patch is issued to smooth things out for all.

This being a game that is over 20 years old, the graphics feel like something out of Street Fighter 2, with robust characters that seem more ready for a fight than a friendly game of “throw the frisbee far from your opponent’s grasp.”

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Winjammers is a very fun and addictive game and one that is worth every penny on PlayStation 4. The game still holds up even after all these years, and at $15 it offers us everything tht made the game a fun arcade release back in 1994 along with a full trophy with a Platinum trophy, and now online multiplayer along with the local versus options from back in the day.

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This Windjammers review is based on a PS4 copy provided by DotEmu.


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Very fun and fast-paced arcade/sports game