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[PS4] Super Comboman: Smash Edition Review

[PS4] Super Comboman: Smash Edition Review
  • On October 2, 2017

Super Comboman: Smash Edition is the definitive version of the game and it is now on PlayStation 4. Come learn more about it in our Super Comboman: Smash Edition review!


Super Comboman was taken to Kickstarter where it managed to reach its funding goal. The game has now found its way to Sony’s PlayStation 4 as the definitive version with Super Comboman: Smash Edition. Our hero Struggles (that’s his name) finds himself in a predicament since he owes the bank $10,000 for his house’s mortgage. He decides to answer an ad from DoDoCo that promises to pay handsomely for… something? He has no idea what he’ll end up doing, but by the time he realizes this it is too late. The ad was a little vague and sorta mentioned something about demolition work, but who knows what is really going on?

Super Comboman: Smash Edition Review - 1

As for the game’s controls, you move with the left analog stick or D-Pad and jump with the X button. You can double jump by pressing the X button, and can also do a wall jump by hugging a wall and pressing X. The Square button is for attacks and your access to combos. If you press forward why an attack is about to hit you, you can parry it. The Triangle button is for your Smash attack, and you can combine this with pressing up, down or back on the analog stick or D-Pad to activate different smashes – you can also hold down the Triangle button to charge. You can dash with the R1 button and block with the L1 button. If you want to taunt your enemies, you can hit the R2 button. And your final attack is your Gut Punch with the Circle button. Got all that?

Super Comboman: Smash Edition Review - 2

You can’t use your Smash attack or the very powerful Gut Punch whenever you want since they both run off special attack meters. You’ll notice these meters in the bottom left part of the screen – purple is for Smash and red is for Gut. You’ll need to mix regular attacks, Smash attacks and your Gut punch along with blocking, dashing and parrying in order to survive the many battles ahead.

As you explore each area you’ll be able to collect coins from the enemies you defeat and the things you destroy. There are also stickers hidden all over the place, as well as some stickers are out in the open on the path you have to take to get to the exit, and every single one you collect will be added to your sticker book on the main map. There are 90 stickers in total, so if you’re a completionist you’ll probably end up having to replay some of the stages.

Super Comboman: Smash Edition Review - 3

The money you collect can be used at the shop to purchase new abilities or buy perks to boost your stats. You can purchase a dive kick attack, an air dash, a defense boost, and more. Abilities are instantly unlocked as soon as you purchase them, but perks need to be equipped after your purchase. There’s also something else you need to know about perks: you have set slots in which you can equip them, and they activate when you reach specific combos – first perk at a 30 hits combo and second perk at a 60 hits combo. If you’re hit, you lose your combo and you also lose your perks, so you’ll need to once again get your combo count back to 30 and 60 to reactivate your equipped perks.

The game has a Platinum trophy, and it’s one that will take you a lot of time and effort due to the nature of Super Comboman. There are some that you unlock naturally as you progress in the game, such as those for smashing 50 walls, smashing 50 crates, and for finishing the first stage. But the rest of the trophies ask that you collect every single sticker in the game, reach a 50 hit combo for each of the game’s bosses, that you purchase all perks and abilities, and that you get the highest rating possible for all stages.

Super Comboman: Smash Edition Review - 4

The game is very colorful and the platforming is simple but does its job. The one complaint I do have is that attacking and combos feel a bit… off. Enemies take a lot of hits but don’t seem to react to them, unless you use a Smash or your Gut punch. You can hit them over and over again and they’ll still end up hitting you and make you take damage as you quickly try to escape the moments when you are surrounded with nowhere to go.

Super Comboman: Smash Edition is a fun button masher that will keep you busy for several hours. The gameplay is not mindblowing nor genre-defining, but it doesn’t have to be. Every now and then a game like this is what you need to cleanse your palate from other experiences, so if you’re a fan of 2D action/platformers this one might be exactly what you need.

This Super Comboman: Smash Edition review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Flashman Games.


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Fun action platformer with room for improvement