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[PlayStation 4] Sylvio Review

[PlayStation 4] Sylvio Review
  • On October 4, 2017

Sylvio from Stroboskop is a first-person horror game on PlayStation 4 in which you control ghost recorder Juliette Waters. Learn more about this one in our Sylvio review!


Juliette Waters specializes in recording audio that can basically be linked to the supernatural. You step into an abandoned family park which was shut-down after a landslide in 1971. You’ll need to investigate each area as you search for the voices of the diseased so that you can learn more about what is actually going on at the park.

You move around with the left analog stick and can look around with the right stick. You jump with the X button, and interact with things or pick things up with the Square button. The Triangle button gives you access to your inventory. Depending on if you have a weapon equipped or your flashlight you can shoot or use your microphone with the R2 button – as long as you aim with the L2 button. You can switch between things with the D-Pad or the L1 button.

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When you use the microphone, you’ll need to look for small white orbs in the air. As you listen, you’ll automatically record it and write down notes from the static. It can also be used for a séance by lighting a candle and asking questions. By analyzing what you record, you’ll be able to find information and hints to help you on your adventure. As for your gun, you can use two types of ammo: blunt ammo which can be used for moving things or for activating hard to reach levers, and sharp ammo, which is used for shooting at black orbs and human forms, which will damage you if you don’t act fast.

As you explore each area, you need to keep your eyes open so that you can find the items you’ll need to progress in the game. Most of these are available inside of lockers with a combination lock, which isn’t as bad as it sounds. To open a locker, you just need to press and hold the Square button until you hear a click, release the button and then press and hold it down again until you hear a new click. Repeat this until the locker opens, and grab the item you need. These range from things such as keys to the very handy shotgun that uses spray cans to power it up.

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The game has fourteen trophies for you to obtain, but no Platinum. The list includes one Gold, two Silver and eleven Bronze trophies which unlock for finding all hidden messages, listening to many voices, finding secret codes, and making progress in the game. There’s plenty to do in this game, which is why it’s weird it does not include a full list with Platinum trophy. The good news is that no trophy is missable since there is a chapter select available from the main menu so that you can revisit locations.

Sylvio is an interesting indie release that tries something different and succeeds. The graphics might not be the best out there, but they get the job done. There are many secrets to find during your search for the truth in this creepy, abandoned park, and I definitely had fun. If after checking the game’s trailer and reading this review you feel the game isn’t for you, then that’s probably how you’ll feel from playing it.

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This Sylvio review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Stroboskop.


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Interesting indie horror release