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[Beyond PlayStation] Culdcept Revolt Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Culdcept Revolt Review

Culdcept Revolt is a card battle game from NIS America which is now available on Nintendo 3DS. Read our Culdcept Revolt to learn more about it!


I have had an absolute blast playing the game on my Nintendo 3DS. The game revolves around a select group of people who have the ability to control the cards of Culdcept – they’re known as Cepters. Unfortunately, Cepters are being hunted down by an evil and notorious count who has shut down the city. Because of that, Cepters have absolutely no way of escaping, so all they can do is stay and fight their way out. There is a group known as the Free Bats who are trying to escape. The main protagonist in the game has no memory of who he is or what he does, but he slowly regains his memories as a Cepter by fighting. He has his own agenda for helping the Free Bats since he feels he was wronged by the count and wants revenge.

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Fortunately, the tutorial quests are brilliant, and the game teaches you the mechanics as you go while avoiding complicated and longwinded explanations. The game gives you a helping hand in the first few scenarios and then allows you to switch off hints in the options menu if you want to increase the challenge. The tutorials will last you roughly around an hour and will give you the basics on how to use your cards effectively. You have a starting deck of 50 cards, but you will get more as you progress through the game while buying booster packs with the in-game currency you earn. The cards are a mix of monsters, skills, weapons, and armor to aid you on your adventure.

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The game plays out on a colored board with four different elements: blue for water, red for fire, green for earth and yellow for air. The deck you get depends on the book you choose – I picked fire and earth for my playthrough and my deck of cards consisted of monsters with the fire and earth elements. Although you can later change the terrain, cards you are dealt must land on a square that matches your monster’s element – in my case that would be red for fire and green for earth. Having more monsters of the same element on the grid will create a chain which increases in value.

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When your opponent lands on your element, and if you have a monster placed on that square, then your opponent has to pay you a toll to pass – if the toll is refused, you will go into battle. You can pick a weapon or a spell to try and beat your opponent’s monster. If you lose then your opponent doesn’t pay you and gets to keep the square and places a monster of his own on it. But if you win, your opponent will have to pay the toll, and you can level up your terrain to increase the toll value. The aim is to bankrupt your opponent and meet the set goal requirements for each quest. Each quest battle is veeeeeeeery long, so expect to be playing the game for many hours.

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The graphics and the board layouts are great, and the cutscenes and dialogue well-written and interesting. I learned the game and picked it up quite fast, breezing through many of the long and lengthy battles while I had an absolute blast! The music is mostly orchestral which definitely complemented the game’s battles and action.

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There’s also an online component to the game which is getting more and more players joining the fun with every day. But fear not because there’s a ton of single-player content to play, both for the main story and the many side-missions you can take part in. I highly recommend you get Culdcept Revolt on Nintendo 3DS, and I very much look forward to playing a sequel soon!

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This Culdcept Revolt review is based on a Nintendo 3DS copy provided by NIS America.


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Very fun card battle board game on 3DS