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[PlayStation 4] Burly Men At Sea Review

[PlayStation 4] Burly Men At Sea Review
  • On October 10, 2017

Burly Men At Sea is a charming game now available on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita which offers a solid tale with twelve endings. Learn more about this gem in our Burly Men at Sea review!


Before I begin, I want to take a moment to talk about the game’s controls. The whole game can be controlled either with the L2 or R2 buttons to move left or right, or you can use the right analog stick to move left or right. The left analog stick is used to move a cursor around each area, but other than that, you only need to interact with objects with the X button. That’s all you need to worry about, which is great since it allows you to dive into this adventure so you can focus on its story.

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The game starts when the trio of brothers finds a mysterious bottle with a treasure map. Brothers Hasty Beard, Brave Beard and Steady Beard go out on an adventure to try and find out what the map is really about. After finding a very helpful bartender who seems to know something about the map, they take their boat out to the sea where…. Something happens. I won’t spoil any of the stories since the game is “short,” but rest assured that it’s a fun one.

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You see, each run with the game will take you roughly 20-30 minutes, which is the perfect size for the game since you can pick it up and play it for a bit every now and then – either at home or on the go. Subsequent runs with the game will offer new branching paths that you can take to eventually unlock all twelve endings in the game, so you’ll start to realize how some decisions change things in the story.

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The game includes a full list with a Platinum trophy at the end, with one Gold, fourteen Silver and four Bronze trophies. As you can imagine, there’s one trophy for each of the endings, and technically only one all the trophies on the list is story-related an unmissable. You will need to do at least 12 full runs to get all trophies, but it can certainly take more if you don’t make the right decisions along the way.

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Burly Men At Sea is a very fun and clever adventure game with plenty to offer for PS4 and PS Vita owners. It features a nice art style, a charming soundtrack and plenty to do as you help the bearded, burly brothers in their quest. It’s definitely worth its asking price and a great game to add to your collection.

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This Burly Men at Sea review is based on a PlayStation Vita copy provided by Brain&Brain.


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Very fun and charming adventure game