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[PS4] Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror Review

[PS4] Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror Review

Your niece has been taken, and you have been thrown off a cliff and left for dead. You have miraculously survived the fall and must begin a journey to save her. Do you have what it takes? Check out our Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror review!

Embark on a mystical adventure in a forgotten mountain village ruled by an immortal sorcerer. Can you unravel his secret?

Explore an enchanted world full of imps, apparitions, magical animals, and other mysterious creatures taken directly from Eastern European folk and fairy tales.

The decisions you make will influence the fate of characters and the end of the game.


Artifex Mundi has released another game on PS4, and it’s a sequel to Eventide: Slavic Fable, which I also got to review. This one is a direct sequel bringing with it the characters from the first game, but if you didn’t play the first one, don’t worry about.

The game starts off with you and your niece climbing up a huge cliff, but an evil sorcerer is above and has her kidnapped as soon as she reaches the top, throwing you from the cliff to your death. Thankfully your rock climbing gear gets gummed up in a tree, allowing you to survive the fall. After setting yourself free, you go after your niece on a quest to save her.

Like Artifex Mundi games, this one follows the same general gameplay mechanics with a few tweaks.The game is an adventure game in which you go from static screen to static screen, pointing and clicking. You find objects that then go into your inventory, and use them down the line to progress further in the game. Along the way, there will be some puzzles testing your mind, and hidden object games to find which will drive you crazy.

This game, however, deviates a bit from the mold offering some new features. I have played more thanten titles in the genre over the past few years, and I always start in Expert Mode to skip the tutorials. I wish I hadn’t done that this time since it took me a bit to figure out the new changes. This release has a heavy focus on herbal medicine creation. In the previous game, anything like that would be done on a table, but in this game, the recipe is added to your inventory. After this, you use the triangle key to open the recipe and use the necessary items to complete the concoction. This is also used for combining items in your inventory – any items like this have plus sign above them.

This game also offers you a few moral decisions you can make in the game. Apparently, they will change the outcome of the game. The choices are very obvious, with one being a good choice and one being a bad choice. I picked the good choices on my first playthrough, but I am interested to see during my second Platinum trophy playthrough what happens when you choose the bad ones and how that affects the outcome of the game. As usual, the game has some collectibles hidden around the game, this time in the form of imp cards and mirrors.

There was quite a visual upgrade in the game from the last one specifically relating to anything CGI. The videos looked so much better than most of the Artifex Mundi games. I know some of these titles have been on PC for quite a few years and are showing their age, but I am glad to see us getting caught up with the current time period and the better graphics.

The voice work from the few main characters seemed pretty solid, but the supporting cast worked sounded very flat. You don’t hear them that often, but it does take you out of the world it is creating.

The game is an easy platinum trophy. The trophy list is really easy and you should be able to get most of them in the first playthrough. The game does require a second play to choose the alternate choices for a trophy, so if you miss any you can get them there. Honestly, if you are playing the game there is not a reason to not try to get the platinum trophy.

Final Thoughts

I liked Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror. The first one was one of my favorite from the developer because of the story and this one does not disappoint. I’m also glad to see the gameplay evolving which is alwasy necessary especially with how many games are coming out from the company with the same engine. I like those new items in the game play. The CGI was much better this time around, but some voicework still fall flat. I would love to see them open up there game in that regard.


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