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[Beyond PlayStation] Neurovoider Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Neurovoider Review
  • On October 19, 2017

Neurovoider is a very fun indie release on Nintendo Switch that you should definitely check out. Read our Neurovoider review to see why!


Neurovoider from developer Flying Oak Games and publisher Plug In Digital is a fast-paced twin-stick roguelite shooter RPG that is now available on Nintendo Switch. That’s a lot of different genres to describe a game, but it does give you an idea of what to expect from Neurovoider.

Before you start a run, there are three difficulty settings in the game so that players of all skill levels can get the most out of this experience. Arcade is for those new to the roguelite genre, Rogue is how the developers want players to experience the game, while Voider is for people who really like to suffer since the difficulty is considerably higher and enemies

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After you, as a brain, escape from your confinement, you will need to move around with the left analog stick to see what is going on. You will quickly enter the game’s tutorial section in which you’ll be guided by a robot to grab some parts to make your own robot, gaining some abilities to help you on your adventure – but you’ll need to choose between the three options. The Dash build will allow you to dash with the R button to quickly move around the area as you become invincible to the bullets of your enemies the Rampage build unleashes a volley of powerful bullets with the R button; and the Fortress build allows you to shield yourself from damage, again, by pressing and holding the R button. All three abilities require some EP for you to activate them, so you can’t abuse them.

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Since this is a twin-stick game, you’ll be able to aim your weapons with the right analog stick as you fire with the ZL and ZR buttons – each for a different weapon. As you play, you’ll add skills to your arsenal which are activated with the L button. There are several skills you can gain access to, but you can only carry one with you at any time. If you want to recharge your skills, you’ll need to use crystals which you can get from the enemies you defeat. There are skills for an emergency teleportation, for slowing down time for a short period of time, for recovering part of your HP, for exploding with style when you die, and more – there’s even a skill for not taking any skills with you.

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You’ll then be able to select between three routes to take during your run. Each one will let you know what it’s rating is on a one to five rating for size, number of elites and the potential loot you can find, so choose wisely! You will have this option for every level you play in your run, so you’ll need to decide if you want to risk entering smaller levels with a higher number of elites so that you can potentially grab more loot, or if you want to favor larger levels with less elite but not as good loot. There are also special harder levels on your path where the difficulty is ramped ip but so is the potential payoff.

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As you defeat enemies you’ll get to collect scraps which can be used to repair yourself between stages, equip new parts to increase your skill efficiency, your main armor, and energy, your speed and stability, or add explosive bonuses to the bullets you fire. You can also use scraps to boost your equipment to make it better but this will, again, cost scraps. There is also the option of forging things by spending your valuable scraps, so there are certainly several options available.

Along with the main mode, the game also features a daily run mode which, as its name states, is available on a daily basis. What this does is give all players a unique game to play every day which is the same for all participants. You get one try to give it your best effort and make m it to the end, and there is no saving. Your run will be uploaded to the global ranking so that you can see how good you really are when compared to the rest of the world.

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The game’s electronic soundtrack definitely fits its setting, and is something that I really liked about the game. All the songs I got to listen really helped to set the mood, keeping me in the zone as I tried to stay alive – especially in a couple of levels where an onslaught of elites almost ended my run.

Neurovoider is a very fun arcade-style twin-stick shooter with plenty of things to enjoy. The separate main builds play differently, and the customization and upgrade options for every one thanks to all the loot you can get will make each run feel a bit different. It’s roguelike nature, and randomization might not be for everyone, but if you give this one a go on Nintendo Switch, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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This Neurovoider review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Plug In Digital.

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