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[PlayStation 4] Ink Review

[PlayStation 4] INK Review

INK from ZackBellGames and Digerati is a fun and fast-paced platformer on PlayStation 4 you should check out. Read our INK review to find out why!


INK is an interesting minimalist paint platformer. I do like minimalist games, and have reviewed many of them during the course of my time at and Some have been good, some bad and others have been right in the middle of the spectrum. INK is a new twist on minimalist platformers, which I think you will find interesting, and that leans towards the good batch of minimalist platformers.

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The background is sorta navy/midnight through the game, and your goal is simple: you control a white cube with a special ability to splat paint by jumping. If you recall The Unfinished Swan in which you painted the scenery to find your path, then you’ll immediately get what INK is trying to do in a 2D platformer. As you splat paint, platforms become visible so that you can reach the exit. Since everything is completely invisible, including bottomless pits and other hazards, you’ll end up dying a lot in this game as you try to find the right path to the exit. It’s all part of the process, which is why trial and error is very much the only way to go about it.

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The only mechanic you have is the ability to jump and wall jump as needed, so you’re looking at using the left analog stick or the D-Pad and a button to jump during the entire game – a minimalist control scheme for a game with a minimalist look seems about right! The first few levels are extremely easy since they have been designed as a short tutorial so that you can get the hang of things.

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Later on, as expected, things become more challenging. Precision will be key, and you’ll need to make every jump and splat count, including when you land on a wall to spill out bright multicolored paint – even though jumping (and double jumping) splats more paint than actually landing on a surface. Worry not as the devs are fully aware of the type of game they’ve designed, so there are no penalties for dying since you just have to start over, applying what you’ve learned since each level has been carefully designed – no randomization in this one!

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As for the trophies, they are incredibly tough! You’ll definitely need to finish the game so that you can improve your skills before attempting to survive an entire world without dying, not to mention there are trophies for 100% completing the game. There are also some miscellaneous trophies here and there for defeating each of the game’s bosses, for dying a lot (those are easy to get!), for defeating a ton of enemies and for completing a specific level without double jumping.

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Overall, INK is a fun and fast-paced minimalist platformer that is fun on PlayStation 4. Due to the game’s nature, there’s a lot of trial and error involved, but you’ll get better and better the more you play. It’s a great effort from ZackBellGames with a nice twist to platforming that keeps it feeling fresh until the end, and I look forward to checking out the dev’s next game!

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This INK review is based on a PlayStation 4 code provided by Digerati.


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Fun fast-paced platformer with a nice twist