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[PlayStation 4] Splasher Review

[PlayStation 4] Splasher Review

Splasher is a cute but challenging 2D platformer with some interesting gameplay mechanics that I think you will enjoy. Read our Splasher review to learn more!


The game itself is very colorful and cartoony, and is packed with hazards, traps and some bizarre enemies. Its campaign starts off slowly, but the difficulty then ramps up considerably, greatly increasing the challenge during the final set of levels. You’re tasked with rescuing your colleagues and collecting gold pieces that are scattered around each level – some are out in plain sight, while others are hidden in rooms that are activated by a portal. To find the final worker you need to collect a certain amount of gold pieces within a level, so you can’t skip them if you want to go for 100% completion of each level. Rescuing workers is similar to the games in the Rayman games since they are under lock and key.

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Platforming is pretty straightforward, and the paint gameplay mechanic is awesome! Pink paint allows you to stick to it, wall walk and wall jump, yellow paint allows you to bounce all over the place, and water washes away paint, so they each add something to the experience since you need to be careful with water as it can ruin your run!A little further in the game, you will unlock paint cannons that will allow you to manually fire paint and water, so if you hope to complete your adventure, you will need to be an expert in all paint styles and in using water as well.

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Splasher is a perfect game for speedrunners, and there is even an option to turn off the speedrun elements – it’s nice to have options! Every level is graded with Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Platinum for your completion times, and there are challenges for completing the game in the fastest time possible. You should expect to die a lot, but the checkpoint system is fairly generous, so you won’t need to worry too much about it – just learn from your mistakes and carry on!

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Splasher is a very fun action platformer with lots of fast-paced action and a great and colorful painting/washing away gameplay mechanics. The controls feel tight and fluid as you play which is very important for this type of game since some sections of the levels require fast fingers and precise timing. A level with rows of laser beams and little room for movement would be impossible if the controls lagged or if gameplay felt off, right? So go and download Splasher today on PlayStation 4 and let us know how long it takes you to unlock its Platinum trophy!

This Splasher review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Playdius.


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Very fun and colorful action platformer!