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[PlayStation 4] Morphite Review

[PlayStation 4] Morphite Review

Morphite on PlayStation 4 a first-person release in which you’ll explore the unknown for resources. Learn more about this one in our Morphite review!


Morphite is a first-person game, where players are tasked with exploring space, navigating their way through procedurally generated planets while collecting resources and upgrading equipment. Playing as a woman named Myrah, you travel through the game looking for a rare, yet incredibly powerful element called Morphite. While exploring the various planets you find, Myrah can scan wildlife, find crates and find the rare mineral deposits – which then allows you to upgrade Myrah’s weapons, ship or suit.

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The story mode’s planets are visually pretty, and there’s a decent amount of variety on offer. On top of this, the objectives presented to you are varied enough to hold appeal, and the boss fights feel gratifying. However, the non-story planets feel a lot less appealing, the visuals aren’t as gratifying, and they just lack the love and finesse of the main planets you will visit on your adventure.

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You can trade scans of species you encounter on your travels, and these can be used for upgrading your suit. This is essential because some of the worlds are too cold or hot for you to visit in your standard outfit. Gathering materials to upgrade everything becomes an integral and essential part of gameplay – but really there’s just not enough in the game to really hold the attention of the player. Morphite is quite a simplistic and boring title that offers very little in the way of originality and fails to provide a reason to carry on playing beyond completion of the story mode.

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The game has a Platinum trophy, along with a list that has several trophies tied to exploration, upgrading your stuff, scanning rare species, scanning plants, beating the game’s bosses, and visiting a ton of planets, along with other objectives here and there. It’s not a bad list if you decide to spend a lot of time with Morphite since most of the trophies will be unlocked as you naturally progress through the game.

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It’s a shame that the overall experience is what it currently is, because Morphite certainly had potential. It ultimately fails to realize said potential, and leaves you feeling as though the game’s somewhat unfinished. Hopefully the game can be patched soon to improve the overall experience.

This Morphite review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Crescent Moon Games.


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Interesting concept that needs some extra work