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[Paris Games Week 2017] New Trailer For Detroit: Become Human

[Paris Games Week 2017] New Trailer For Detroit: Become Human
  • On October 31, 2017

Detroit: Become Human got a new trailer for Paris Games Week 2017 with a look at Kara, the android from the 2001 tech demo that inspired the game. Check it out!


David Cage, Director at Quantic Dream, had this to say:

The scene we are presenting is a very important moment in Kara’s story: we discover that she is owned by a human, Todd Williams, the single father of a little girl called Alice.

At this point, Kara is an obedient android in charge of taking care of the house and Alice – but the situation turns out in an unexpected way. Confronted with Todd’s violence toward his little girl, Kara feels compelled to disobey and risk her life to save Alice.

This is the beginning of an intense road trip that will take them – Kara the deviant android and Alice the little girl – through the darkest corners of Detroit in a journey of danger, fear, and hope.

Detroit is the story of our world in twenty years, a world where androids that look like humans are treated like objects and have no rights. It is the story of three androids’ struggles: Kara escaping to protect a little girl, Markus fighting to be free, and Connor chasing deviants; three stories that may well determine the future of all androids.

Detroit: Become Human 3

Detroit: Become Human 2

Detroit: Become Human 1

Detroit: Become Human 4


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