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[PlayStation 4] Transcripted Review

[PlayStation 4] Transcripted Review

Transcripted is a fun game that mixes gameplay from the match-3 genre and the twin-stick shoot ‘em up genre. Learn more in our Transcripted review!


You play as a Biochemist named Adam who is trying to understand a man-made disease – you are assisted by Professor Dahl, your boss. The ship that you move around the levels is a Nano probe, and it can interact with organisms on a molecular level. Your enemies are the colored pathogens, and the neon colors that you have to match are strands of DNA. The story is told through cutscenes with full voice acting.

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I have had a blast playing games like Zuma on various platforms over the years, and if you have as well, then you’ll fill right at home with Transcripted – but you’re also in for a different experience. You control the small Nano ship, and you are free to move around the levels as you please. You can aim with the right analog stick and shoot at the pathogens to start clearing the way. Depending on the difficulties you have chosen for the shooter aspect of the game, gameplay can end up becoming a frantic bullet hell – and if you’re ever overwhelmed, you can change the difficulty at any time. You do have to consider the selected difficulty for your time with the game since it is tied to some of the trophies.

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When you kill a pathogen, it will drop a colored cube which you must collect so that you can use it as ammo to hit one of the pieces of the same color in the chain that is in your way. Once the DNA bar at the top of the screen is full, you will have beaten the current level you’re playing. These are the basic gameplay mechanics of the game, and you’ll be using them until the end.

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Transcripted is a game that can appeal to both the casual and hardcore gamers thanks to its difficulty settings, not to mention that the mix of the match-3 mechanics make it easier for new players to understand what needs to be done. In the higher difficulty, juggling the match-3 side of things while trying to stay alive in the twin-stick shoot ‘em up part of the equation will require a lot of skill and an almost Zen state of mind. You can mix increasing the difficulty of the shoot ‘em up part, of the puzzle part or both, so that you can find the right balance for your gameplay style.

I was surprised to see Transcripted features a skill tree – not that I’m complaining since it helps to spice things up! Completing levels and killing pathogens earns you XP and when you have enough, you can spend it on upgrades, unlocking skills and new abilities to help you keep up with the increasing challenge. The best part is that even if you die, you still get to keep all your XP up to that point, and it will carry over to your retry.

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Overall Transcripted is a very fun and highly addictive game that does a great job at mixing two different gameplay mechanics into a good looking and entertaining release. This one does not include a Platinum trophy, which is a bummer, but it’s something that shouldn’t get in the way of your enjoyment.

This Transcripted review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Plug In Digital.


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Fun mix of two different genres