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[Beyond PlayStation] Conga Master Party! Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Conga Master Party Review
  • On November 7, 2017

Conga Master Party is an interesting release on Nintendo Switch that is certainly weird but worth a try. Learn more in our Conga Master Party review!


Your goal in Conga Master Party! Is to conga as you increase your conga line by adding nee members as you avoid the cap wearing pigs, waiter, big burly men, banana peels and more, all as you try to keep momentum going. By dancing close to people, you can persuade them to join your conga line, but you need to be careful so that you don’t make then angry. There are four types if dancers, represented by differently colored icons and you must add enough of each type to your line to fill up the corresponding meters so that you can clear the level.

Conga Master Party Review - 1

The game is controlled with the L and R buttons… and that’s it. You change direction by pressing one or the other, and can dash by pressing both at the same time. To start, you select your conga master from the available list. Each has different stats, which are measures with stars, and they rate the character’s speed, turning, ability to defend and how good they are at convincing others to join in on the fun. At first you will only be able to select between eight characters (Michael, Julia, Grey, Chloe, Pelvis, Paris, Bernard and Laverne), but you’ll be able to unlock more based on how you do in each stage. The more people you get to join your Conga line, the better your odds of getting more bonus tickets during the UFO abduction part to then use the tickets in the bonus wheel.

Conga Master Party Review - UFO

There are some power-ups you can collect which increase your attract fill rate by 50%, increase your attract distance by 50%, refill the momentum bar, freeze the momentum bar, and to enlarge your momentum bar. These power-ups are placed on top of structures you’ll need to bump into by holding down the L and R buttons at the same time so that your whole Conga line madly dashes forward. Once a power-up has been knocked down, you can grab it to instantly activate it.

Conga Master Party Review - 2

The Nintendo Switch version of the game includes some content that is exclusive to Nintendo’s hybrid console, making it the definitive one. First of all, due to the console’s nature, you can use the Joy-Con to play with up to four players on a single Nintendo Switch… with only two Joy-Con! There are also two new multiplayer modes: 1, 2, Conga in which two players try to win a rock, paper, scissors battle, as well as Just Conga in which players strike dance poses with the Joy-Con. There are also two new stages (Conga Burger Conga’s Palace), as well as ten new playable characters added to the mix. It also includes amiibo support, which means that if you scan the amiibo in your collection you’ll be able to unlock cosplay costumes for the unlocked characters to wear.

Conga Master Party Review - 4

Conga Master Party is a fun game that offers both single player fun as well as multiplayer modes so that up to four players can get in on the action. Its simple gameplay mechanics make it very easy for players of all skill levels to jump into the party, making it a great option for breaking it out for some multiplayer mayhem at, well, parties!

Conga Master Party Review - 5

This Conga Master Party review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided Rising Star Games.


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Weird, colorful and fun release