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[PlayStation 4] Mystik Belle Review

[PlayStation 4] Mystik Belle Review
  • On November 13, 2017

Are you ready to play a colorful and great looking 2D platformer on PlayStation 4? Then check out our Mystik Belle review to see why this is one you should add to your collection!


Mystik Belle from Last Dimension and WayForward is a colorful platformer/adventure game in which you are tasked with finding the magical ingredients required for creating a special brew she has been accused of running – something she says she didn’t do. This is a 2D Metroidvania platformer mixed with some adventure game elements, giving us a great looking and fun to play old-school infused game on PS4.

Mystik Belle Review - 1

The first thing to do before you can start your adventure is select between the two available difficulties. Normal is the regular difficulty level in which backtracking is reduced a bit thanks to warp chests in which you can place items so that they’re available at all other warp chests, and if you die you’ll be able to restart in the room you perished. If you’re up for the challenge, you can take on Hard in which enemies deal more damage, there are no warp chest and you’ll be returned to the Council Chamber if you die.

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After that you’ll be introduced to the Belle MacFae, the character you’ll be playing as. You’ll begin at Hagmore School of Magic as you try to find the three magical items needed for the special brew: The Bloom of Twilight, a Claw of a Werewolf, and a Dragon’s Scale. You’ll then gain control of Belle, so that you can run, jump and shoot magic fireballs all over the place. Be sure to interact with NPC with the Triangle button, which is the same button you can use to pick up items, such as the apple that is dropped in front of you at the start of the game which will act as your hall pass.

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The adventure game part of the equation comes from the interactions you’ll have with NPC in the game, as well as due to all the items you can find and which you’ll need to combine with other stuff or activate at specific times. Take, for example, the Empty Spray Pump found early in the game. While empty, it’s useless to you, but if you, say, find a tank with toxic weed-killer, you can fill up the pump and use it to, well, kill a nasty weed that is in your way – a carnivorous plant to be precise. Combining items is also a thing in adventure games, and it’s something you’ll get to do in Mystik Belle.

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As you defeat enemies, you’ll gain experience so that you can level up. The higher your level, the better your odds for survival since you’ll gain more health and, eventually, your attacks will become more powerful. For example, once you reach Level 4 you’ll be rewarded with dual fireballs that will replace your single fireball, thus greatly improving your damage output.

The game does not have a Platinum trophy, but it does have a trophy list with some nice variety. There are trophies for picking up every item in the game, for obtaining or creating specific items, for completing the game, for completing the game with the true ending, and for doing a speedrun of an hour or less for the whole game. There is no trophy for completing the game on Hard, so only play the game in that difficulty setting if you want to increase the overall challenge.

Mystik Belle Review - 5

Mystik Belle is a fun 2D Metroidvania/adventure game that is colorful, charming, fun and short. You’ll get to defeat hundreds of enemies by the time your adventure is over, and if you’re a trophy hunter, you’ll probably need to complete the game at least twice. I had a blast playing this indie gem from Last Dimension, and I’m very happy that WayForward decided to bring it to PlayStation 4.

This Mystik Belle review is based on a PS4 copy provided by WayForward.


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Fun and colorful Metroidvania/adventure game