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[Beyond PlayStation] The Count Lucanor Review

[Beyond PlayStation] The Count Lucanor Review

The Count Lucanor is a colorful and charming action adventure release that you should check out on Nintendo Switch. Learn why it in our The Count Lucanor review!


The Count Lucanor is an action/adventure/exploration/puzzle fest with some stealth elements to mix things up. You play as Hans, a young boy who has decide to run away after realizing his mom hasn’t planned anything or bought anything for his tenth birthday. You are eventually lead by a blue creature to a giant castle, which is the home of Count Lucanor. The creature demands you guess its name, so your quest is to search the castle to guess his name to get your hands on some legendary treasure.

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Each room you enter has a unique puzzle, some rooms involve a Sokoban style box-pushing puzzle to clear so you can reach treasures or levers to progress, while other rooms will have you scratching your head trying to work out the correct order in which you need to pull a set of levers. There are many types of puzzles to have fun with in this one – The Count Lucanor is a highly addictive game!

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As the night draws in you will meet some bizarre creatures, adding some horror elements to this release. While exploring the castle, you’ll need to overcome puzzles and creatures to secure the letters that make up the name of the blue thing that wants you to guess its name. Can you solve the puzzle to meet the owner of the castle?

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As you explore the area you’ll be able to click on certain objects, such as paintings, to trigger an event. The way you interact with objects is related to the ending you’ll get, and since there are four endings you’ll need to mix things up with each subsequent run to get the big picture!

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The rooms in the castle are color coded, so you need the correct colored key to enter them. Some keys you can find in chests, others in puzzle rooms, while some of them you can even buy. Also worth noting is that there is some decision making in the game, and this also has an impact on the ending you can get when you beat the game.

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The Count Lucanor is a colorful, charming and fun release on Nintendo Switch. It’s an addictive one that keeps you going until the end as you find yourself just trying to solve one more puzzle, until the adventure is over. Can you get all the endings? Let us know in the comments below!

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This The Count Lucanor review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Merge Games.


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Colorful, charming and fun action adventure release