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[PlayStation 4] Pressure Overdrive Review

[PlayStation 4] Pressure Overdrive Review
  • On November 16, 2017

Pressure Overdrive is an action racing game with a bit of a twin-stick shooter in its DNA. Learn more about this quirky but fun PS4 release in our Pressure Overdrive review!


On a clear and cheerful morning, you wake up to discover that the lake in which you were about to take a swim has gone missing. In its place you find small puddles of water which are being absorbed by a strange looking bipedal machine Turns out an evil guy dressed in black has stolen all the water to take it to his spa which will be opening very soon. As you can imagine, this is a bad thing, so you decide to go after him to recover the water he stole.

The game offers three game modes. First up is Campaign in which you’ll play through the game’s story as you try to do your best to recover the lake. Freeplay allows you to replay the areas you’ve already finished in Campaign mode. The final one is Endless in which you’ll battle through short races with small waves of enemies to defeat, and you will keep going until you’re defeated.

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As you start the campaign, you’ll be able to select between Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty, so that you can tailor your experience based on your skill level. It is then time to work your way through the short tutorial in which you’ll learn about moving your vehicle with the left analog stick, which is used to move forward, back and to the sides – there is no need to hold down a button to accelerate. After this, you’ll reach a barn in which you’ll gain access to your first weapon, which you can use with the right analog stick. Since your vehicle runs on pressure (hence the name of the game), you’ll need to constantly defeat enemies to keep your pressure as close to full as possible. You can also gain access to items you can purchase with the coins you collect, such as a handy boost that will send you flying forward.

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As you defeat the enemies on your path you will notice a colorful circle that pops up with a multiplier at its center, which will countdown from the last enemy you defeat – it will also increase its count with every new enemy you destroy. If you’re not fast enough, you’ll lose the multiplier and will need to start over. The higher your multiplier, the better the rewards you can reap, so be sure to keep it going for as long as possible!

After completing the tutorial, you will arrive at the main hub from which you can select to visit the Garage, the Map, the Bistro or to return to the Main Menu. The Garage allows you a chance to purchase new vehicles with better stats (Damage Output, Hull, Pressure Capacity and Pressure Balance), purchase items for the front, top, and back of the buggy, or upgrade your weapons. For example, after the first tutorial race, you certainly won’t have enough goal to upgrade your boost, but you’ll probably have enough to purchase a side ram to help you with your collisions with others, or something to increase your pressure capacity. The Bistro will allow you to chat with a member of La Resistance who has a lot to say to you. Finally, the Map is where you go to advance in the campaign.

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Each stage has a set number of enemies to defeat and gold to be gained, so you’ll need to stay on high alert so that you don’t let any enemy escape or else you won’t be able to fully upgrade your buggy! You can replay a stage, but you’ll only be able to get the gold you didn’t get, so there is no way of grinding extra gold by replaying a stage over and over again. But if you want to 100% the game, you’ll definitely need to replay most of the stages to get all gold, complete the level as fast as possible, obtain a big score, etc.

Pressure Overdrive has a varied trophy list with tasks such as completing a level without driving in low pressure, completing a level without taking damage, defeating twenty enemies while a power-up is active, defeating a thousand enemies, completing a level with a maxed out hull, defeating each of the games’ bosses, and completing the whole game in Easy, Normal and Hard, to name a few. It’s a good list with plenty to do.

Pressure Overdrive Review - 4

I had a lot of fun playing Pressure Overdrive for this review. The colorful graphics and fast-paced twin-stick gameplay mechanics kept me hooked for a while as I continued to “play just one more level” until it was very late at night – I had been playing for several hours in a row! If you want a fun racing/action game on PS4, then you should definitely check this one out.

This Pressure Overdrive review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Chasing Carrots.


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Fun and hectic twin-stick racing shooter