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[Beyond PlayStation] This Is The Police Review

[Beyond PlayStation] This Is The Police Review

This Is the Police on Nintendo Switch is an interesting strategy/adventure release from Weappy and THQ Nordid you should check out. Find out why in our This Is the Police review!


Weappy took their game to Kickstarter at the start of 2015 asking for a modest $25,000 to complete their game. The team ended up getting additional funding via publisher THQ Nordic shortly after the Kickstarter was successfully funded, and this allowed them to port the game outside of the PC realm. It is now available on Nintendo Switch, and it’s a game you should definitely check out!

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You play as Jack Boyd, chief of the Freeburg Police Department, who is a few months away from forced retirement. You’ll need to end on a high note, making sure shifts run smoothly, as you send the right police officers to take on crimes/assist victims, all while dealing with the Mayor of Freeburg. The game is a mix of a crime drama with multiple choice dialog, sorta like an adventure game, along with strategy elements. You will have the opportunity to control the city’s police force any way you see fit. Every day you will spend the shift managing resources and assign cops to answer distress calls. You will have to make serious decisions that affects your final days as chiefs, as you try to earn half a million dollars as a healthy retirement bonus.

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Each day starts with you reading the newspaper headlines before you take on the two shifts for the day, assigning officers and detectives to callouts and to investigative cases. Officers are rated with a number, and the higher the number the better of a cop they are – lower numbers are for lazy or useless cops. For each call you receive you will get an overview of the situation and will need to decide how many officers you want to send. You need to bear in mind that if you choose to send more officers to one crime scene, you will have less officers available to send to other call outs since even after officers return from a previous call you’ll need to wait a bit for them to be available again.

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More serious situations may require a more advanced team of officers like the SWAT team, so you’ll need to evaluate each situation and decide the best available support. You need to be frugal but effective, without putting lives at risk. As you can see, for a small indie game there is a lot to do and see! There are many crimes to solve, ranging from petty thefts, repeat offenders to even gang warfare. Some cases are more interactive and will require you to put together a timeline of events, as you gather evidence, statements from witnesses and more thanks to your detectives.

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As for the personal side of things, you’ll need to manage your police force as there are usually officers asking for days off for various reasons, officers who turn up drunk, late or quit altogether, so you will need to deal with that just like regular employers – the police force is no different and people can be as unprofessional as the next.As you progress through the game, you will gain confidence and find a system/routine that works for you. Every day will be different, new challenges will be thrown at you, and you will become better at the game.

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This Is the Police is one of the best simulators I have played this year: it’s engaging, fun, and it never gets boring. It’s the perfect game to play in handheld mode since it’s a release you will want to play at all times. Download the game today!

This This Is the Police review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by THQ Nordic.


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Very good and interesting strategy/adventure