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[Beyond PlayStation] Super Ping Pong Trick Shot Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Super Ping Pong Trick Shot Review
  • On November 22, 2017

Super Ping Pong Trick Shot is, as it’s name states, a game in which you do trick shots with ping pong balls. Learn more in our Super Ping Pong Trick Shot review!


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Super Ping Pong Trick Shot offers four control methods so that you can always play the game. There are button controls with bit Joy-Con, touch controls with the Switch’s screen, button controls by using a single Joy-Con, and motion controls with one Joy-Con. You can adjust the camera angle, zoom in and zoom out and select the angle at which you’ll throw the ball as well as how hard you’ll throw it.

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For the single player part of the game, there is Challenge Mode and Score Attack. Challenge Mode is a single player mode in which there are 80 stages to complete. Each stage has one main mission and three sub-missions, and you must clear the main mission with 15 balls. For example, the first stage’s main mission asks that you throw at least three balls into the white cup, while the sub-missions ask you to make the ball bounce off the red block before landing in the white cup, that you make the ball bounce twice before landing inside the white cup, and that you throw the ball into the white cup without bouncing.

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As for Score Attack, you need to aim for the highest score in each stage with the 15 balls you have. If you can land balls into the cup one after another you will start a chain bonus that will boost your score, and if a stage has a yellow cup then you should make sure you try to land as many balls as possible into that cup for a bigger score.

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There is also a two-player section where you can start Vs. Mode, in which you have 60 seconds to land the ball into the cup as many times as you can. There are three items for this mode that you should use to be able to defeat your opponent, and they include annoying paint to obstruct the view of your opponents power gauge, annoying black which places a block in the way of your opponent’s throws, and multiple balls which will increase the number of balls you can throw. There a re stages in which to battle which feature white cups, yellow cups as well as red and blue cups to be able to aim for to score a point as you avoid the other cup or else you will lose a point.

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You’ll need to pay attention to the objects you’ll run into since they’ll affect the ball. There’s the metal block which will make the ball bounce higher, the cushion block which makes the ball bounce lower, the adhesive block which makes balls stick to it this rendering them useless, and the moving block which moves and rotates. On top of this, you have a switch which is used to move blocks and turn on fans which send the ball flying because of its wind, as well as a warp that, well, warps the ball from the blue areas to the red areas.

Super Ping Pong Trick Shot is a fun arcade-style release with plenty of control options so that you can have a go at it no matter where you are. The premise is simple and to the point, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to relax and unwind.

This Super Ping Pong Trick Shot review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Starsign.


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Fun arcade-style release